EU in ‘visas for bribes’ scandal as visas allegedly handed to migrants

Poland has allegedly handed out as many as a quarter of a million visas in exchange for cash bribes.

As a result, the EU has found itself in a ‘visas for bribes’ scandal, as the EU Commission scrambles to find out what’s gone on, reports GB News.

The visas have been apparently issued to migrants from Asia and Africa by consulates in return for bribes of several thousand pounds each.

Now the Home Affairs Commissioner for the European Commission, Ylva Johansson, has written to Poland’s Foreign Affairs Minister Zbigniew Rau, warning Poland that it could be in breach of EU law by irresponsibly handing out the visas.

Johansson wrote: “Which structural measures are you taking, so as to ensure that the system is protected against any possible fraudulent or corrupt behaviour?”

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She added: “I would encourage you [to] take all possible steps to clarify all the allegations as soon as possible.

“These alleged cases could amount to violations of EU law, in particular the EU Visa Code.”

The Polish government has a deadline of October 3, set by Johansson, to respond to the allegations.

The Polish government has said it will carry out an inspection and audit at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Department of Consular Affairs and all Polish consular establishments.

A spokesperson said the ministry will “terminate contracts with all outsourcing companies that handle visa applications”.

The ruling Law and Justice party is campaigning on an anti-immigrant agenda ahead of next month’s general election.

Piotr Wawrzyk, the deputy foreign minister with oversight of consulates, was dismissed on August 31 in connection to the scandal, reports The Telegraph.

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However, Mr Wawrzyk insisted that temporary work visas were issued to groups from India posing as Bollywood film crews, according to the Onet news portal.

Mr Wawryzk was hospitalised this week after an apparent suicide attempt.

Seven people suspected of corrupt activities in accelerating visa procedures have been charged. Three of them are under temporary arrest.

Poland is a member of the EU’s visa-free Schengen zone. This means that migrants can cross European borders freely once they arrive in Europe.

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