You have a high ‘eye-Q’ if you can spot the five differences in the cosy autumn scene on less than 23 seconds | The Sun

IF YOU can spot the five key differences in this cosy autumn scene then you might just have a high IQ.

But this could prove to be one of the toughest brain teasers yet as both images appear completely identical to the naked eye.

However, buried within the photos and hiding in plain sight are those five differences.

However, this will take a really sharp pair of eyes and incredible attention to detail to overcome.

And the challenge isn't just to identify the five differences in the photos – but to do so in less than 23 seconds.

In the cosy autumnal scene designed by Dudolf, it appears that the local wildlife has come to choose their favourite pumpkins.

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Amongst the gathering contingent is a fox, rabbit, squirrel and two birds – one on the fence and one on the pumpkins.

Surrounding them is a large tree with brown leaves and plenty of bushes in the background.

However, there are five differences between the photos – and you now need to spot them.

If you really focus your attention then you should be able to succeed.

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But if you're really struggling and need a little help, then look no further.

You can read the answers below.

Begin by looking at the "pumpkins" sign in the top left corner and you'll notice that they are spelt differently.

Next is the colour of one of the pumpkins beneath the fox – in one photo it's orange, in the other it is red.

The third difference is the crack in the middle of the fence, with it disappearing in one image.

The fourth difference is the colour of the stripe around the robin's hat.

And finally, you may notice that the pumpkin in the bottom right of the picture has a stalk in one image and lies without one in the other.

If you managed to spot all the differences then give yourself a pat on the back.

But if you did so in 23 seconds or less, then you must officially have a high IQ.

If you fancy trying your luck at other brain teasers, then try and work out how to spot the cat hiding in this bizarre optical illusion.

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Alternatively, see if you can find the bat hidden in the haunted house in less than ten seconds.

Or, you might fancy your chances at spotting the two cats hiding among the trees in under six seconds.

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