Woman savaged on loo by dog after she gave it weed-laced sweet to ‘calm it down’

A woman who was savaged by her pet Rottweiler while she was on the loo had given it a weed-laced gummy bear to "calm it down", according to reports.

The woman, who has not been named, told authorities two-year-old Blau pounced on her while she was on the bog and pulled her from the seat. The vicious dog attack took place in Gaylord in Michigan, US, earlier this month.

The victim was left with very little of her right arm after 37kg Blau tore off a chunk of the limb between her shoulder and elbow. Blau was revealed to have a history of aggression and was put down following the attack.

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The dog went for the woman almost immediately after she gave him a gummy bear doused in the psychoactive substance THC, one of the 113 cannabinoids found in cannabis, according to a report by Otsego County Animal Control & Shelter.

Some people report THC reduces anxiety and produces a calming effect, but larger quantities the drug can have the opposite effect. For dogs, the chemical is toxic and can even be lethal.

The attack lasted an hour and left the house covered in blood as the woman struggled to lock herself in a bedroom. She called the emergency services but by the time they arrived the animal had become "subdued" and was "not barking or growling." He tried to get away from animal control officers, but they managed to corner him and catch him.

One of the officers, Melissa FitzGerald, said: "I opened the door and witnessed the victim lying face up on the bed, covered in blood. The room was dimly lit, but an extensive amount of blood was evident on the bed, walls, and floor.”

The woman was airlifted to hospital where she underwent emergency surgery and was taken into intensive care. She nearly lost her right arm, but doctors were fortunately able to save it.

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