Secret service for ‘dead’ Putin to be held tomorrow, despite 3 Kremlin denials

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    Allegedly dead Russian President Vladimir Putin is set to be memorialised tomorrow (November 5) in a secret Kremlin memorial service, according to an alleged insider.

    Claims that Mad Vlad had died surfaced last week, when it was suggested he had suffered a heart attack. It had been reported, for much of the last two years, that Putin had been suffering from a myriad of apparent health issues, with a heart attack apparently being the final nail in the coffin. The source of the claims is a Telegram channel called General SVR, which is thought to be led by a Kremlin insider, and it said Putin had died at the 71-year-old's Valdai residence.

    However, it was thought the body was sitting in a deep-freeze state until it was officially announced that he had died. And while still not giving an update on where the body is, a memorial service is thought to be taking place tomorrow – without the body.

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    The Kremlin source said: “A memorial service for the deceased Vladimir Putin is scheduled for tomorrow. The former inner-circle will gather – a sumptuous dinner has been ordered.” No details on who will attend have been given, but his inner-circle is thought to contain security council deputy chief Dmitry Medvedev, Chechan warlord Ramzan Kadyrov and than man thought to be in charge of Russia right now, Nikolai Patrushev.

    Normally, a memorial service is held when a body can not be found or is not being buried, which appears to be in line with the Kremlin continuing to deny that Putin is actually dead, which is unusual for the Kremlin as it has usually stayed silent or ignored all claims of Putin suffering from ill health.

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    A third denial came earlier today from Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, who was attending the opening of a new Russia exhibition at the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy – also known as the VDNKh – which Putin was meant to attend, but his appearance was cancelled earlier this week.

    Peskov, who previously denied the death on two occasions, said: “We have only one Putin. Now the ‘experts’ are guessing – there are three or four of them and who we now see every day.”

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