Russian bloke tries to cut his own penis off after his girlfriend dumped him

A Russian man has allegedly attempted to cut off his own penis after his girlfriend broke up with him.

The man, identified only as Ruslan, attempted to remove his todger on Monday, September 4. He was taken to hospital with severe injuries.

Emergency services were called to his apartment in the Biryulyovo Zapadnoye District, in Moscow. It’s understood his girlfriend Natalia had dumped him shortly before.

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After the 36-year-old ended their relationship, an upset Ruslan allegedly told her that if she left him he would “no longer need his penis”, so he attempted to remove it with a kitchen knife.

The 37-year-old is believed to have started sawing at the base of his pecker. It is believed he managed to partially sever his organ.

After witnessing his actions, a terrified Natalia fled the apartment. But bleeding and exposed Ruslan attempted to follow her out the door and down the stairs.

Luckily for him, a neighbour saw the blood dripping from his genitals and called an ambulance. He was then taken to hospital.

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Reports claim that he is out of danger after receiving stitches, but it is not known whether doctors were able to prevent permanent damage to his penis.

It comes after a 52-year-old Swiss tourist was urgently rushed to a hospital in Thailand after getting a steel ring stuck on his penis, leaving it “unnaturally swollen”.

The man is believed to have been attempting to use the ring to boost his sexual pleasure. But the c**kring got stuck and left him with nothing but pain.

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Rescuers were forced to use heavy-duty cutting equipment to slice the ring off of his swollen and “extremely painful” penis. Local reports claim the medical staff spent more than two hours attempting to safely cut off the steel ring – without damaging the crown jewels.

The Thaiger reports a Pattaya hospital reached out to the Swang Borriboon Rescue Team to bring a steel-cutting tool to assist the delicate procedure. And the man was said to be in considerable pain the entire time.

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