Revealed: Brit who 'patted influencer's bottom' is married kids coach

Revealed: Brit tourist who ‘patted bottom’ of Spanish influencer Isabella Gonzalez in Benidorm pub is a ‘happily married’ kids rugby coach

  • EXCLUSIVE: Gary Clarke appeared to reach out to ‘Gonsabella’ during stream

A married British rugby kids coach has been revealed as the reveller accused by a glamorous Spanish influencer of touching her bottom during a live social media stream.

Gary Clarke appeared to reach out his right arm as Isabella Gonzalez, better known to her legion of followers as Gonsabella, was streaming on Twitch from a pub in Benidorm.

Mr Clarke, wearing a basketball vest with the logo of his club, Wath Brow Hornets, withdraws his hand as Miss Gonzalez turns around to berate him.

She later told how she had made a complaint to the police after accusing Mr Clarke, a father of two, of being a ‘degenerate.’

Today Mr Clarke, his wife Emma and Wath Brow Hornets, who are based in Cleator Moor, Cumbria, were all maintaining their silence over the incident when contacted by MailOnline.

Gary Clarke has been identified as the man who allegedly touched the Spanish influencer’s bottom in Benidorm earlier this month

Mr Clarke (left and right) is a father of two who is ‘happily married’, according to a source, and works as a youth rugby coach for Cumbrian amateur side Wath Brow Hornets

Mr Clarke and his wife Emma made no comment on the alleged incident when approached by MailOnline. A source said he was ‘well respected’ in local rugby circles

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It is likely to have caused some embarrassment to the club as Mr Clarke, of Frizington, Cumbria, is a youth coach to both the under 16s and under 11s sides.

Club secretary Amy Caddy said: ‘I will be referring this to a director who is also a solicitor, but I have no comment.’

A source said: ‘Gary is well respected in West Cumbrian rugby league and a loyal servant to Wath Brow Hornets. He’s also a happily married man.’

It is understood Mr Clarke was with former teammates and friends in Benidorm, a resort visited in the past by Wath Brow players and officials, all wearing the same distinctive basketball vest he was sporting.

In the footage, which was taken on Wednesday, September 20, Mr Clarke can be seen sitting behind the 29-year-old influencer as she interacts with her online audience.

He then looks down and appears to move his right hand towards her, with Ms Gonzalez quickly turning around and saying ‘Eh, don’t touch’ in Spanish.

The man then turns away from her, while a friend of his off camera can be heard saying ‘I apologise’ and ‘sorry, sorry’ before someone places a hand on Mr Clarke’s chest.

Mr Clarke then turns round and appears to apologetically raise his right hand.

Ms Gonzalez, who has 665,000 followers on Twitch, says she has since made a ‘formal complaint’ to police at the Costa Blanca resort and said officers had been ‘delightful’. 

In a social media post afterwards, she wrote: ‘They told me I did the right thing by reporting it but that it’s going to be difficult to take the appropriate measures because they don’t have more details of the man in question other than what you see in the video.

‘They said they would tell me if they had any update. I would like to thank all the people who have taken the trouble and the time to write to me.’

According to local media, after the incident Ms Gonzalez explained to her fans she had chosen a quiet part of the bar to set up her stream.

However, she claimed inquisitive holidaymakers quickly gathered around her and made her feel like a ‘performing monkey’.

She said: ‘He grabbed me by my trousers, I don’t know whether to look at my bottom or my knickers or what… what a degenerate!’

Isabella Gonzalez posts images of herself in tight dresses and bikinis on social media

She said she reported the incident to police in Costa Blanca, describing officers as ‘delightful’

She said on her stream that the men in the bar had been ‘really drunk’, adding: ‘That shouldn’t be an excuse for people to touch me’

Mr Clarke was reportedly on a trip to Benidorm with former teammates and friends when he encountered the Spanish influencer

She said after leaving the bar as part of her live broadcast: ‘They’re really drunk.

‘But that shouldn’t be an excuse for people to touch me because I drink as well and I never think about bothering anyone.

‘I don’t think what’s just occurred is something that I can report to the police. Let’s not get over-dramatic but you don’t have to touch anyone.

‘It’s not an excuse but at least the person with him has said “sorry” because he realised the other guy went over the top.’

The influencer, who regularly posts pictures of herself in tight dresses and bikinis on social media, left her job at an English academy to stream on platforms like Twitch full time.

Speaking in 2021, she said: ‘After half a year managing my time to study, work and devote myself to being a streamer, something happened none of us were expecting, a global pandemic that obliged us to stay at home.

‘During that period I started to spend all my time creating content and by the end of the summer I decided to make the leap and put all my efforts into something I really enjoy after discovering I could make a living from this.’

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