Putin’s team axed as ‘pendulum of repression’ swings to keep fake Vlad as leader

The “pendulum of repression” as about to swing, as the team around Russian President Vladimir Putin's body double is set for a huge reshuffle.

The Daily Star has been following the bizarre claims that Putin died two weeks ago of a heart attack – something constantly denied by the Kremlin – and conspiracies remain rife of a lookalike replacing him in the seat of power. The double is said to be being managed by Russian Security Chief Nikolai Patrushev – but the Kremlin has denied the story on three occasions, which is very un-Kremlin like.

However the source, using Telegram channel General SVR, has now claimed that Patrushev is about to “cleanse” the Russian government of those who he doesn't think are loyal to Putin . . . or the double.

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The source said: “The head of the State Duma, Vyacheslav Volodin, is first in line and should be noticed by former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. Many other representatives of the lobby, including half of the Russian Presidential Administration, the management of the largest bank and almost the entire management of Gazprom, will lose their posts, and many of them will face criminal prosecution.

“Patrushev is confident that such reprisals will be joyfully accepted by the Russian people. The pendulum of repression will be launched with renewed vigour, and many of those who did not understand in time who is now the 'King', or are not ready to accept it, will fall into disgrace and may end up in prison.

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“Nikolai Platonovich (another name used for Nikolai Platonovich) himself made plans over the weekend, communicating and consulting with people close to him. In addition to discussing the main issues regarding the new structure of the Russian government, they also discussed secondary ones.

“The new owner of the Kremlin, apparently, prefers a creative approach to solving problems.”

As always, the claims are unverified and have been denied three times by the Kremlin, but Russian President Vladimir Putin – nor the double – has not yet commented on it at all.

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