Priti Patel accuses Suella Braverman of 'attention' seeking by making US immigration speech | The Sun

DAME Priti Patel today accused Suella Braverman of seeking “attention” by making a hardline speech on immigration.

The former Home Secretary fired a broadside at her successor – warning that tough rhetoric is “no substitute for delivery”. 

Ms Braverman raised eyebrows earlier this week by using a Washington address to rail against “failed” multiculturalism.

She also warned that uncontrolled immigration posed an “existential threat” to the Western world.

But in a shock slapdown at Tory conference, Dame Priti let rip: “ To me this is very much making interventions, making speeches.

“But we have to be realistic, this is no substitute for delivery around changes to policy in government.



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“I don’t know what the intention was behind that, it might just be to get attention, to have the dividing lines as we go into the run-up to a general election.”

Speaking to Sky’s Trevor Phillips, Dame Priti also challenged Ms Braverman’s claims that integration has not worked. 

The Tory MP – of Ugandan-Indian origin – hit back: “You and I are sitting here today, we are the products of actual integration, multiculturalism, dynamic communities, people who love our country, want to contribute to our country, along with a hell of a lot of other people that have done exactly the same. I think that is something we should be proud of in our country.”

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Rishi Sunak has made stopping the boats a key pledge and is expected to ramp up plans to curb immigration ahead of next year’s election.

However Ms Braverman’s comments have been widely interpreted as firing the starting gun on an unofficial leadership bid should the Tories lose power.

A poll showed voters backed the core elements of the Home Secretary's speech – with 66 per cent agreeing about the dangers of uncontrolled immigration.

And 69 per cent agree the rise in illegal migration has lumped an unfair burden on taxpayers, according to a JL Partners survey.

Last night allies of Mr Sunak were caught off guard by a blistering attack on “pampered” celebs like Elton John criticising her immigration policy. 

She lashed out at showbiz luvvies carping from the luxury of their megayachts.

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