Italian vet found guilty of murder after stabbing girlfriend to death

Italian vet who had inferiority issues because of his ‘small manhood’ is found guilty of murder after he went to mother-of-two’s flat with flowers and a card to try and save their relationship before stabbing her to death when she rejected him

  • Dr Alberto Fioletti was said to have developed ‘narcissistic personality disorder’

An Italian vet has been found guilty of murder after stabbing his ex-girlfriend to death at her seaside home.

Dr Alberto Fioletti, 31, arrived at his girlfriend’s house with flowers and a card in an attempt to reconcile their relationship.

But he snapped when she said they had no future together.

After experiencing ‘the worst anger’ he had ever known, stabbed Stephanie Hodgkinson, 34, six times in the chest and once in the back with a kitchen knife.

Dr Alberto Fioletti, 31, (pictured) arrived at his girlfriend’s house with flowers and a card in an attempt to reconcile their relationship

Fioletti then stabbed himself in the stomach before calling 999. He told the operator ‘I killed my girlfriend’.

Just days before the incident, he told the mum-of-two: ‘I hope you’re happy with yourself…you’re gonna have a death on your hands.’

Police and paramedics arrived at the flat in Alum Chine, Bournemouth, Dorset, and found Stephanie on the floor next to the breakfast bar in her kitchen.

Her injuries were ‘non-survivable’ with severe injuries to her heart, lungs and great vessels, causing catastrophic bleeding.

Fioletti was arrested for murder and taken to hospital for treatment of his wounds.

He admitted a charge of manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility but he denied murder.

But following a three-week trial at Bournemouth Crown Court, a jury today found him guilty.

The trial heard how he developed a narcissistic personality disorder and had slept with many women to ‘validate’ himself as he had inferiority issues because of his ‘small penis’.

He manipulated previous girlfriends by threatening to kill himself to gain sympathy.

Bournemouth Crown Court heard that Stephanie, a divorced mum-of-two, had met Fioletti through a dating website and they had been in a relationship since October 2022.

He had met her children, she had travelled to Italy to meet his parents and they had planned to buy a house together.

Although they were both employed at veterinary practices, their workplace only overlapped for a month when Fioletti worked at Southern Counties Veterinary Specialists in Ringwood, Hampshire, in January this year.

He was working at Medivet clinic at the time of the murder and she had quit her job to study for a degree in philosophy of art.

Steven Perian KC, prosecuting, said he and Stephenie had a heated argument on May 5 this year when she kicked him out of her home.

Before he left he told her: ‘I hope you’re happy with yourself. You’re gonna have a death on your hands now.’

They agreed to meet to talk on May 12.

Stephanie had told her sister she wanted to meet him in a public place to tell him she couldn’t see a future together.

The court heard the day before the meeting, Fioletti texted his Italian doctor saying: ‘If I had to definitely lose her tomorrow night, this time I will have to put an end to it once and for all.’

Stephanie Hodgkinson, 34, (pictured) was stabbed six times in the chest and once in the back with a kitchen knife

Stephanie had been chopping vegetables in her kitchen when Fioletti arrived.

Mr Perian said: ‘This tragedy unfolds as an intimate partner killing, ignited by Stephanie Hodgkinson’s courageous decision to terminate their relationship.

‘She was not prepared to be manipulated by him. The defendant’s profound inability to come to terms with her rejection culminated in his relentless, brutal assault, marked by seven merciless and devastating stab wounds.

‘Regrettably, despite their best efforts, Stephanie could not be saved, succumbing to the grievous injuries she had received due to the relentless bleeding.

‘He was interviewed.. he admitted to punching Stephanie Hodgkinson in the face. He said he was completely out of control. The trigger for his loss of control was because of his breakdown of the relationship with Stephanie Hodgkinson.’

Fioletti will be sentenced for murder on January 15.

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