‘I spotted cone-shaped UFO in the UK – I don’t think they exist, I know they do’

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    A UFO fanatic has shared his extraordinary encounter with a 'cone-shaped' spaceship right here in Britain.

    Tony Buckingham, the founder of the East Anglia UFO Group, Cambridgeshire has boldly stated. "I don't believe in UFOs; I know they exist," he confidently stated. The 69-year old-recalled: "I was a teenager and, while I was house sitting, I went outside to get coal for the fire. When I bent down, everything went quiet and my ears felt muffled."

    "I stood up to try to clear my ears and what I saw was a cone-shaped UFO with three bobbles on the side. It then shot straight up into the sky and flew off diagonally at a tremendous speed. I spent the next two or three weeks telling people what happened, then the two or three months afterwards wishing I hadn't. People ridiculed you a lot back then.

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    "I have never seen anything else like it in my life. However, I did once have a dream that I was lying on a table with three aliens around me and one of them injected my arm. When I woke up, I told my wife and she said: 'Good heavens, what's that?' I had six puncture marks on my arm, from which blood was running."

    The East Anglia UFO Group is gearing up to host a talk by Ben Emlyn-Jones, a renowned UFO researcher and author of the Roswell trilogy, at the White Hart Hotel in Newmarket on October 16.

    Last year there were more sightings of UFOs in Cambridgeshire than ever before. Tony, the author of the Roswell books, imagines we are not far off from a world or "full disclosure" where aliens are a known fact.

    He said: "I am a firm believer that we are already in a disclosure period. I have been following this since 1974 and I have never known a time like it. There is no doubt that full disclosure will start religious sects."

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    "The existence of aliens has already been doing that, particularly in the USA. These groups think aliens are going to be the saviour of mankind, whereas I believe there is more than one group of aliens – some are good and some are bad."

    "The Pope has already said that, if there are aliens, they would be God's children as well. That's the Christian church hedging its bets, really. There will also be people who become mentally ill after full disclosure, as they won't know how to deal with the information."

    Back in 2014, the Independent reported that Pope Francis said he'd baptise aliens, asking "who are we to close the doors to anyone?" But as Time magazine pointed out, this was probably more about showing the church's openness than the Pope actually believing in aliens.

    Ben Emlyn-Jones' talk will take place from 7.30pm to 10.00pm at the White Hart Hotel in Newmarket on October 16. Tickets are priced at £5.

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