Joe Biden savaged as ‘one of the worst presidents in US history’

Joe Biden’s presidency criticised by Tom McClintock

Joe Biden has been savaged by a California Congressman as “one of the worst presidents in American history” in a furious rant over his performance in the White House.

Biden, 80, is coming under mounting pressure just over a year before the 2024 presidential election as critics point toward his performance on elements such as the economy and migration.

Now he has come under furious attack from Republican Tom McClintock, who pointed at the “damage” done by Biden and dismantled the Democratic President’s record in office.

When asked by GB News at the Alliance for Responsible Citizenship (Arc) Conference in London if Biden should stand aside, McClintock replied: “Oh, I don’t think he should have been elected.

“I think he’s been one of the worst presidents in American history. You just see the damage he’s done to the economy, to the border, the inflation rate. The fact that people, after inflation, are making less today than they were when he took office.

“There’s going to be a very powerful question asked in 2024 and it’s the same question Ronald Reagan asked: ‘Are you better off today than you were four years ago?’

He added: “People know the answer to that in their own lives. And I think that that’s going to mean that Joe Biden will not be the president after 2024.”

The Republican Congressman also claimed Biden is the “cause of the problem” when it comes to tackling America’s migration problem.

McClintock said: “Donald Trump had brought illegal immigration to a virtual standstill. His Mexico policy had stopped the phony asylum cases.

“We were nearing completion of the border wall while we were enforcing court-ordered deportations for the first time in years. And it was working. Biden reversed all of those policies in his very first day in office.

“We had 2.9 million illegal immigrants released into our country: dependent, impoverished and along with the criminal element that has accompanied it.”

These latest criticisms of Biden come after he was accused of “sinking faster than the Titanic” with his presidency branded a “monumental disaster for the US” following a catalog of embarrassing blunders.

Washington-based foreign policy expert Nile Gardiner told Daily Express US: “Joe Biden is and deeply out of touch with the American people.

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“He is one of the most unpopular US presidents in American history. Biden is sinking faster than the Titanic and this is a president who really is plummeting fast.

“You can’t trust anything he says – he constantly lies, and invents stuff about his past, he is somebody who is thoroughly untrustworthy, and now facing calls for his impeachment on Capitol Hill.

“The Biden presidency has been a monumental disaster for the US.”

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