Particle Network Surpasses 15 Million Activated Wallets After Launching Wallet-as-a-Service V2

Singapore, Singapore, September 27th, 2023, Chainwire

Web3 infrastructure provider Particle Network has hit a major milestone following the rollout of Wallet-as-a-Service (WaaS) V2. Since V2’s announcement, the number of wallet activations has surpassed 15 million, a record that has been achieved within just 12 months of WaaS launching.

The 15 million threshold, reached within a year of the wallet’s release, attests not only to the success of WaaS but to the demand for more user-friendly web3 onboarding solutions. The number of decentralized applications (dapps) that have integrated WaaS has been pivotal in driving the record user numbers.

More than 800 dapps have utilized Particle Network’s product suite over the last 12 months, bringing Particle’s web3 wallet to millions of web3 users. Wallet-as-a-Service can be accessed through such projects as, Hooked Protocol, ApeX, CyberConnect, and hundreds more.

Following the release of WaaS, Particle Network has seen its Web3 wallet deeply integrated into every layer of the blockchain ecosystem. Particle Network has maintained close partnerships with networks such as BNB Chain, Linea, Near, Sei, and zkSync. More than 70% of the most active projects on BNB Chain, including CyberConnect, Hooked Protocol, and SecondLive, have integrated WaaS. Particle Network also has infrastructure partnerships in place with the likes of Biconomy and Certik.

Demand for WaaS has been particularly strong within the gaming sector, accounting for 60% of all projects. Particle Network’s wallet solution enables new users to get up and running in around 20 seconds, versus several minutes for a conventional web wallet. This has made WaaS the preferred option for many gaming companies building in web3.  

After reaching the symbolic 15 million wallet threshold, Particle Network is sharpening its focus on the development of WaaS V2 to enhance privacy, user experience, and transaction efficiency. V2 was designed with a focus on future-proofing web3 infrastructure, making WaaS adaptable to shifts in user behavior and blockchain architecture. Its design adheres to web3’s fundamental principles of user sovereignty and composability.

Wallet-as-a-Service V2 is Particle Network’s most advanced consumer-facing product to date. It equips developers with the framework for delivering an array of sophisticated blockchain-based services, including cross-chain solutions. Meanwhile, its focus on eliminating friction results in a seamless user experience that ensures dapps can realize their full potential.

About Particle Network

Particle Network is a Web3 infrastructure project. Its primary offerings include zkWaaS (Zero-Knowledge Proof Wallet as a Service) and the Intent Fusion Protocol. By creating an Intent-Centric Modular Access Layer for Web3, Particle Network is committed to accelerating the transformation of Web3 and paving the way for mass adoption.

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