‘You literally fed him to the badgers’: Man butchers uncle

A man in England has been jailed for butchering his uncle after being caught stealing from him.

Graham Snell went to the police in June last year, saying his nephew, Daniel Walsh, 30, was stealing from him.

When police visited Walsh’s home he did not answer. It is believed an hour after police tried to contact him, he bought rubble sacks and saws.

Walsh stuffed his uncle’s remains down a badger sett, and dumped other body parts in the woods and bins.

Judge Nirmal Shant said it was “gruesome”.

Walsh then used his uncle’s savings to go on a drinking and drugs bender where he gambled and visited massage parlours.

He was arrested 10 days later after Snell’s neighbours reported him missing.

Walsh told police he found his uncle dead after a drinking session and “panicked”,

However, he was charged with murder.

The judge said Walsh killed his uncle but it was impossible to say how because of the dismemberment.

“It is plain that as soon as you moved in – or before – you decided to defraud him of his modest savings,” the Judge said.

“You set about taking charge of his money. Mr Snell became aware and foiled it by going to his bank and reporting you had carried out fraudulent transactions. He was advised to tell the police.”

It took Walsh six months to tell police where he had dumped his uncle’s head.

“You did everything in your power to get away with the murder of Mr Snell. Having systematically cut him to pieces, over a number of days, you went to a badger sett in the hope, no doubt, he would be eaten by badgers.

“You literally fed him to the badgers.”

Detective Chief Inspector Sally Blaiklock said Walsh committed “depraved and truly shocking acts” on a “quiet man and a good neighbour”.

“They were carried out for his own self-preservation and so he could spend Graham’s small amount of savings at massage parlours, in casinos and on drink and drugs.

“I welcome the verdict and hope this allow Graham’s family, friends and neighbours to come to terms with what happened to a much-loved man who will never be forgotten.”

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