World’s strongest ecstasy pill the ‘Blue Punisher’ now circulating in UK clubs

The strongest ecstasy pill ever has been found in a UK nightclub containing almost four times the amount of MDMA as a normal pill.

The 'Blue Punisher' pill was confiscated by bouncers at a club in Manchester and concerns were raised when it seemed far heavier than usual.

MANDRAKE, a drug analysis lab from Manchester Metropolitan University, tested the monster pill which came in at 477mg of MDMA. The pill itself weighed a whopping 650mg.

A regular ecstasy pill contains roughly 125mg of MDMA.

The blue diamond-shaped pill was "significantly heavier" than the standard Blue Punisher, according to MANDRAKE, meaning that club-goers should be able to spot whether they've been given a super strength dose.

More concerning still, several other pills confiscated recently and tested by the lab proved to have extremely high amounts of MDMA.

Researchers found that the latest batch tested ranged from 397mg upwards.

Speaking to Vice News, a spokesperson for – an anonymous drugs analysis program – described the Blue Punisher as "stronger than any pill recorded".

The previous record had been a purple 'Philipp Plein skull' pill found in Vienna last year which contained 366mg of MDMA.

Guy Jones, a drug analysis expert from Regent Tests UK, also emphasised how staggering a find this was.

He said: "This is a new world record. Impossible to rule out that a stronger one has ever been made, but the number of pills over 400mg with a public test result could be counted on one hand."

It is unclear whether the monster pill was manufactured intentionally or whether it was the result of a mistake made during the pill pressing process.

Regardless, experts say that 477mg of MDMA could easily be a fatal dose in the right conditions.

This latest find is indicative of a worrying broader trend.

In 2014 a standard pill contained roughly 108mg of MDMA and the strongest pill ever recorded was 300mg.

Just four years later pills ranging from 150-200mg were commonplace, and so-called 'super pills' containing more than 350mg were turning up more regularly.

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