World’s smallest cow just 20 inches tall forced to get security

A two feet tall cow in Bangladesh has sparked such a frenzy its owner has hired three security guards to look after it.

Record-breaker Rani is reported to be the smallest cow in the world as she is four inches shorter than the current record holder, Manikyam, who was 24-inches tall.

Crowds of thousands of people have flocked to Manikganj District, Charigram, an hour away from the capital, to see the prized animal.

Word spread quickly over social media and too many people started to visit – so now, only 10 “selective” visitors with a prior appointment are permitted each day, reports The Washington Post.

It’s good news for Rani, who is said to be fame-shy and doesn’t enjoy unknown people.

Owner Kazi Mohammed Abu Sufian, who runs a farm and wants to milk Rani for all she’s worth, has submitted an application to the Guinness World Records.

Kazi told The Washington Post that when Rani is not with her loving fans, she lives like a normal cow.

"She runs as fast as the rabbits we have on the farm," he said, adding that she entertains the farmers and visitors with her big personality.

He joked: "She acts like a queen, and always loves to remain clean.

"Rani is a craze as she has a high possibility to have her name in the Guinness Book of World Records."

Although the farm says they want to help Rani live for as long as possible, the dwarfism – which the owner says was caused by inbreeding – can be deadly.

One expert said: "A lot of times when you see any kind of abnormality that is congenital, then we start looking for other things that are wrong as well.

"There’s usually some other congenital abnormalities that can keep them from getting older.

"I would be concerned about the heart specifically."

The paperwork for the Guinness World Records has been submitted and is awaiting independent verification.

But for now, Rani is a cow over the moon and enjoying her time as prime ground beef.

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