Woman tumbles off a boat in California

Lost your sea legs? Hilarious moment ‘drunk’ woman staggers on deck of boat before losing her balance and tumbling into the water

  • This is the moment a woman in California fell form the back of a docked boat
  • The woman, who has not been identified topples from the vessel’s stern 
  • Several people on the boat rush to her aid and pull her from the water  

This is the moment a woman falls from the back of a 30ft boat moored in California. 

She was filmed as she was struggling to walk near the stern of the boat. The woman stepped onto the rear swimming deck when she lost her balance and toppled into the water. 

The person filming the incident continued to document what was happening and failed to offer any assistance to the woman in the water. 

the woman stepped onto the rear deck of the boat at the stern of the vessel which was moored

She lost her footing and slowly rolled into the water while someone continued filming 

The woman seemed helpless as she rolled into the water in the dock in California 

The woman fell into the water after losing balance on the rear deck of the boat 

Fortunately for the woman, several people who were inside the boat’s main saloon heard the commotion and made their way towards the stern. 

After several seconds, they managed to drag her from the harbour’s water. 

The footage has been shared widely on the internet.  

According to a description on Jukin: ‘This woman had too much to drink and was struggling to maintain her balance. 

‘She was moving with great difficulty on this boat. She fell on the boat’s deck and ultimately off of it. 

‘She slowly tumbled into the water with a splash. Passengers on the boat helped her get back on the boat.’ 

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Two people on the boat assisted the woman, who appeared to be uninjured, from the water

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