Woman nearly loses hand from spider bite leaving her too ‘terrified’ to sleep

A young woman nearly lost her hand because of a spider bite – and now she’s terrified to go to sleep in case it happens again.

Morgan Curran, from Oxfordshire, had fallen asleep on her sofa when she was bitten by a false widow spider.

The 21-year-old initially thought the mark on her hand was a harmless bug bite but she soon knew something wasn’t right.

Within days of being bitten Morgans hand had ballooned to the size of a "boxing glove", the wound began to throb and a £2 coin-sized black mark developed underneath the bite.

The woman who works as a carer booked an appointment with her GP, who told her to head straight to A&E where she was hooked up to an IV drip, her hand was soaked in iodine baths, and she was pumped full of antibiotics.

During five day stay at the hospital, Morgan also underwent two operations in a bid to remove all the infected tissue.

Doctors told the young woman had she waited any longer to be treated she could have lost her hand or her life – leaving her "terrified" she will be attacked again.

Morgan is now urging anyone who believes they’ve been bitten to seek immediate medical attention.

"I'm OK with gory stuff but when they took the dressing off and I saw it I felt sick to my stomach," she added.

"It was hard to imagine that was on and inside me. At its biggest, my hand was like a boxing glove. It was completely puffed up and I couldn't straighten my fingers because of all of the swelling.

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"The relief of having everything bad taken out was less painful than while all the infection and pressure was building up. Luckily they were able to [operate] without needing a skin graft.

"I've always been a bit nervous of spiders anyway but it's a proper fear now that it could happen again.

"It took a very long time to heal. I went back to work after five weeks but there was still a small wound there.

"I have a constant numbness like pins and needles and when it's cold I get a dull pain there. If I knock it on something it hurts more than if I were to knock my other hand on something."

She went on: "I definitely wish I'd got it checked out sooner rather than later, it might not have been so serious."

"I think I was bitten while I was asleep because when I came home from the hospital there was a spider under my windowsill that looked a bit aggressive.

"I'm convinced that was the one that had me – it had the skull-type shape on its back. Even now if I see the tiniest spider it has to be gone before I can get into bed.

"If I see one that I've lost in my room I'll come down and sleep on the sofa because it's just too scary to sleep in there."

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