Woman married to murderer brands him a con artist

A woman has lifted lids on getting married to a convicted felon who was jailed for killing his first wife.

The 49-year-old, who used to work with ex-offenders, said she initially reached out to the man to offer help after learning that the man was out of prison after a 19-year sentence.

"I was working at an alternative high school for troubled youths and there was a student who always talks about his uncle and how his uncle had served a 19-year sentence and how he just got out of prison," she shared on TikTok.

She ended up giving her business card to the student and asked him to hand it to his uncle.

"His uncle called me and my intentions were to help the guy but I ended up marrying the guy that murdered his wife," she continued.

"I think he played me really, really good and I fell for it."

The woman gave three reasons why she will only date a convicted felon as she explained in another video: "Normal people are boring, they are down for whatever and they are ambitious."

However, she now admitted that marrying the convict was one of her "greatest regrets".

"That time I thought it was a good idea to marry a man who killed his wife. I started dating him a month after his release – he served 19 years in prison," she said.

"He was sweet, he was a con artist who had almost 20 years to learn how to play con games.

"I was really happy, he was adjusting to being free. We were married less than a year, one of my greatest regrets!"

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Many viewers were stunned when they found out she married to a "murderer".

One said: "I think you need help."

Another wrote: "I don't think people necessarily judge you. People are genuinely concerned for your safety. You deserve so much better!"

She explained that she had been in an abusive relationship for 25 years before meeting him but they separated a year after the marriage.

"He is still my husband because he refused to sign the divorce papers," she added.

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