Who is Arlene Foster's husband Brian?

ARLENE Foster was leader of the Democratic Unionist Party and Northern Ireland's First Minister but resigned before she was kicked out.

Her husband Brian has stood by her side throughout her time in the roles. Here is what we know about him.

Who is Arlene Foster's husband Brian?

Arlene Foster is married to Brian Foster – a police officer.

He is the brother of her sister Julie's husband.

Brian stays out of the public eye and politics due to his profession.

When did they get married?

The couple got married in 1995.

They wed at Holy Trinity Church, Lisnaskea, Co Fermanagh, on August 24, 1995.

At the time, Mrs Foster was a 25-year-old solicitor known as Arlene Kelly.

How many children do they have?

The couple have three children – Sarah, George and Ben.

Mrs Foster told News Letter she felt "fortunate" to have family during lockdown in the pandemic.

She said: "I am fortunate that I have family in lockdown (husband Brian and children Sarah, George and Ben) because I think for people who live alone it must be very tough.

"I rely on family so much and the fact that I live in this beautiful part of the world where I can get out and walk.

"My two eldest children, both at university, have been at home and that’s a huge challenge for them because they haven’t been able to enjoy student life in the way that they should.

"But for their father and I, we have liked having them here and just being a family of five.

"It has afforded us quality time together, a positive in the midst of what is such a difficult time."

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