Weather maps show snow to hit UK over 24hrs next week in ‘2cm per hour’ flurry

After widespread snow across the UK earlier this month, more Arctic weather conditions look set to bring the white stuff again next week.

We have been expecting more snow after Netweather's Nick Finnis warned of a weather system blasting "wintry precipitation" from Greenland.

And now advanced weather modelling maps from WX Charts have identified the exact day we should see snowfall and where it's going to come.

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According to them, a blizzard will make landfall in the evening on Tuesday (January 31), first battering much of Scotland.

Inverness and Glasgow look set to see significant flurries, with snow also possibly hitting Edinburgh.

In the Highland areas, darker purple regions with lighter purple inside indicate snow falling at a rate of around 2cm per hour on WX Charts' map.

Some lowland areas look set to see snowfall at a rate of around 0.6cm per hour.

Into Wednesday (February 1) flurries will move eastward and southward, reaching into England.

Inverness, Glasgow, Edinburgh and possibly Dundee will see snow again, although it will be falling at a slower rate than on Tuesday (somewhere between 0.2cm and 0.6cm per hour, according to WX Charts).

In England, snow will cover towns around the North Pennines and Lake District, falling at a rate of roughly 0.6cm per hour.

The snow appears to be part of a larger weather front across northern England, with rain stretching from Manchester to Newcastle.

It awaits to be seen whether the Arctic blast from Greenland will turn any of that rain into snow.

Explaining the blast from Greenland, Finnis wrote that "high latitude blocking towards Greenland" (a ridge of high pressure blocking the typical circulation of wind) could bring a "-NAO" our way.

NAO refers to North Atlantic Oscillation, a weather phenomenon that brings cold air to Europe when in its negative phase.

If it does come, "wintry precipitation" will first hit up north he said, lining up with WX Charts' predictions.

Finnis even added: "Colder conditions may spread south with a wintry risk to all parts briefly on the back of low pressure systems moving east and high pressure building to the west."

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