UK weather forecast LIVE – Jubilee Bank Holiday WASHOUT with rain sweeping in to 'all areas' within days

THE MET Office has said the weather for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee bank holiday looks unclear – and it could be a washout across the country.

The Met Office forecast predicting the weather next week does say there is a possibility of sunshine, coming in from the Atlantic, but it is still early to be sure what will happen.

But if a low pressure over the Azores comes closer, then it is likely to bring showers for the whole country with Met Office forecaster Aidan McGivern calling it a "loose cannon".

Mr McGivern said: "The trend towards more unsettled weather continues later on Sunday as low pressure over Scandinavia begins to drift its way westwards appearing into the North Sea, containing a lot of cloud, some rain as well which may well affect the North Sea coast, parts of eastern England, parts of eastern Scotland during Monday".

He added: "Again the driest and brightest weather will be towards the west and that is closer to the high pressure. Sunny spells and feeling pleasant in the sunshine but always a chance of a shower in the west.

"More likely we will see showers in the east, along with that brisk wind it will feel on the cool side, temperatures declining day by day and overnight temperatures will decline as well so some chilly nights to come, Sunday night, Monday night, Tuesday night for example."

The low system is like a “loose cannon, its going to meander about fairly randomly, that makes its behaviour difficult to predict," added Mr McGivern.

Read our UK weather live blog below for the latest forecasts and news…

  • Lauren Lomas

    Brits got soaked at Chelsea Flower Show this week!

    The plants had a lovely, refreshing drink of water though after being on display for thousands of people. Thirsty work!

    This year's Chelsea Flower Show has seen some fantastic outdoors designs, featuring ecologically friendly meadows to encourage wildlife, and huge towering trees being craned in.

    Punters came to absorb all of this year's most creative designs.

    On Tuesday it tipped it down, and attendees were absolutely soaked!

    The RHS Chelsea Flower Show opened to the public today with plant lovers enjoying specialist displays in the marquee as well as the show gardens. After a sunny morning a short thunderstorm at lunch time sent some people running for cover but some devoted garden loversCredit: Alamy
  • Lauren Lomas

    Heavy rain in the south of England on Sunday this weekend

    While the majority of the UK will be dry, the south west might see heavy rains.

    This weekend won't be a scorcher like last weekend's mini-heatwave, but it will still be warm.

    Brits will see highs of around 18C this weekend in the south west, with light cloud cover and sunny spells.

    However heavy rains could hit Sunday, over the south west coastline.

    Rains may also brush past Wales and Bristol too on Sunday at around mid-afternoon.

    Heavy rains predicted for Sunday afternoon
  • Lauren Lomas

    Weather overview for this weekend

    It is expected this weekend will be warm and dry.

    This weekend will see plenty of sunny spells, with warm weather on Saturday.

    Sunday will be cooler, with more cloud cover and rain in some isolated areas across the UK.

  • Lauren Lomas

    In pictures: Brits enjoyed hot sun as thunder clouds loom overhead

    Beachgoers were snapped soaking up the sun, while precariously dark clouds linger in the near distance.

    A photo taken on Weymouth beach on Tuesday 24 May shows people basking in the sun and enjoying the lovely warm weather.

    However, dark ominous clouds swirl over the sea in the near distance.

    Brits made the most of the scorching weather ahead of the clouds bringing wind and rain to the UK's southern coastline.

    Summertime blues.. Beachgoers enjoying the scorching hot afternoon sunshine at the seaside resort of Weymouth in Dorset as dark threatening shower clouds pass inlandCredit: ©Graham Hunt
  • Lauren Lomas

    UK weather in emojis!

    Twitter account gives Twitter users a weather update from emojis every six hours.

    Emoji Weather UK shows this afternoon's weather in emojis.

    According to this unusual chart, there will be sporadic rain in Scotland, light cloud cover over northern Ireland and sunny spells for the rest of the UK.

  • Lauren Lomas

    Temperatures to dramatically drop over night

    It is expected that mercury will drop low tonight as little cloud cover does nothing to insulate the UK.

    The Met Office have said it could be as cold as just 4C tonight, as temperatures dip low especially in rural areas.

    Wrap up tonight Brits!

  • Lauren Lomas

    In pictures: Gorgeous rainbow snapped in Ely, Cambridgeshire

    The stunning snap was captured early in the morning on Tuesday (24 May).

    The calm after the storm was photographed in Ely, Cambridgeshire on Tuesday morning earlier on this week.

    Unsettled weather and thunderstorms rumbled on over Ely overnight on Monday and in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

    The warm weather we have had in the UK has brought grumbling storms, thunder and lightening.

    In the beautiful picture a stunning rainbow can be seen forming over Ely Cathedral, it looks utterly whimsical.

    Picture dated May 24th shows a partial rainbow by Ely Cathedral in CambridgeshireCredit: Bav Media
  • Lauren Lomas

    After work drinks, anyone?

    Looks as though the sun will be out just in time for when Brits knock off for the day.

    The sun has been peeking through the clouds every now and again today, giving glorious sunny spells here and there across the UK.

    It looks like the wispy cloud cover could clear by 5pm, when Brits finish work for the weekend.

    Looks like this evening will be perfect pub garden weather!

  • Lauren Lomas

    UV levels HIGH today despite temperatures of 18C

    Temperatures in London could lift to 22C.

    Despite wispy cloud cover across the UK, the UV levels will be especially high today.

    Brits are urged to slather on the SPF to protect their skin from harmful sun rays that can cause skin damage and cancer.

  • Lauren Lomas

    In pictures: Windy weather! Plane struggles to land in turbulent conditions

    The Fly Be flight had issues landing as the strong winds made conditions tricky for pilots to navigate.

    Strong winds at Leeds Bradford Airport made conditions choppy for planes landing this morning in Yorkshire.

    The small aircraft struggled against the howling wind, but pilots saved the day and managed to navigate around it.

    Looks like it was a bit of a bumpy landing for passengers this morning, but they made it down in on piece!

    26/05/2022. Leeds UK. A Flybe aircraft arriving from London Heathrow struggles to land in the strong winds at Leeds Bradford Airport this morning in Yorkshire. Photo credit: Andrew McCaren/LNPCredit: LNP
  • Lauren Lomas

    UK could have another hot weekend

    Tomorrow is expected to be dry across the British Isles, the UK could be in for another warm weekend!

    There is little to no rain expected this Saturday, which means there is high chance it could be lovely and sunny once again.

    Brits enjoyed a mini-heatwave last weekend with highs of 24C.

    While it is not predicted to be as hot this weekend, the weather could still be fantastic.

    There will be plenty of sunny spells, with limited cloud cover, and highs of around 18C, weather predictions currently read.

    The Met Office has said that there will be highs of around 18C on Saturday
  • Milica Cosic

    UK weather outlook for Sunday and Monday

    Sunday will be dry for most however there will be large areas of cloud cover around and a chance of showers or longer spells of rain and drizzle.

    Sunny spells in the south on Monday however cloud will soon build during the day bringing a widespread chance of showers or longer spells of rain.

  • Milica Cosic

    Forecast for tomorrow (Saturday)

    A dry and bright start to the day with early sunshine.

    It will then continue to be mainly dry and bright during the day with periods of sunshine however variable amounts of patchy cloud will build bringing a threat of a few showers across northern Scotland.

    Late sunny spells during the evening.

  • Milica Cosic

    Tonight's weather

    A mostly dry and bright evening with late sunny spells and daytime showers will ease and turn increasingly light and patchy.

    Overnight will then be dry with long clear spells and glimpses of the moon although some patchy cloud will build across northern Scotland bringing a chance of a few showers.

  • Milica Cosic

    Hopes bank hol Jubilee weekend will be hottest of the year

    There are hopes the Platinum Jubilee week will be the hottest of the year, despite the fears of a weekend washout.

    Temperatures next week could exceed the current 2022 high of 27.5C, as Brits prepare to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee at the start of June.

    But early predictions show a low-pressure front from France dampening spirits with heavy downpours by Saturday of the Jubilee weekend.

    British Weather Services senior meteorologist Jim Dale said the heat could "ramp up" in the days before Brits mark the Queen's 70 years on the throne.

    He said: “On the run into that weekend we might see something that’s a little bit warmer – maybe even very warm."

    But he warned heavy rain is likely for the Saturday and Sunday, adding: "It’s early days but that kicks in fairly quickly across the course of that weekend."

  • Milica Cosic

    Met Office reveals forecast for Platinum Jubilee weekend

    MET office experts have revealed the forecast for the Platinum Jubilee amid hopes for the hottest week of the year. 

    Meteorologists have said there is likely to be light winds and temperatures recovering to a possible 27.5C. 

    But there is a lot of uncertainty on details of rainfall.

    There is a chance of showers in the northeast with the driest and brightest weather expected to be in the west.

    It will follow higher temperatures this weekend, which are expected to reach the high teens and early 20s. 

    Meteorologist Aiden McGivern said: “The pressure is on for a ten-day trend – it includes two bank holidays at the end of next week.

    “The positive news is that it’s unlikely to be as windy as it is at the moment.”

  • The Sun

    Hay fever sufferers beware! Pollen levels on the rise

    According to BBC Weather Pollen levels are high throughout the southeast today, bad news for those with hay fever. 

    Those in London specifically will want to make sure they protected. 

    Elsewhere, levels are low because of rain. 

    Currently, we are at the end of tree pollen season and are entering grass and flower pollen season.

  • The Sun

    In pictures: Brits drenched as they enjoy Chelsea Flower Show

    Visitors to the famed Chelsea Flower Shower were caught in a surprise downpour yesterday. 

    Throughout the day, the weather changed on a whim, going from beautiful sunshine to heavy rain and thunderstorms. 

    This rain is likely to clear up in the coming days as Temperatures hit 20C on Thursday. 

  • The Sun

    Bank Holiday to be ‘warmest weekend of the year’ with temperatures hitting 27C

    According to Weather forecaster Jim Dale speaking to, the upcoming Bank Holiday weekend will be a scorcher. 

    According to this expert, it is set to be the “warmest weekend of the year” with “near universal” sunshine across the country. 

    Temperatures are expected reach a sweltering 27C. 

    This will be good news for anyone looking to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, as parties take place across the nation.

  • The Sun

    Tomorrow to bring spring sunshine to UK 

    It will be a largely dry and bright day with lengthy periods of spring sunshine however variable amounts of patchy cloud cover will build during the day and will be mostly across northern areas. 

    Scattered showers will develop, mostly across western Scotland and will merge into longer spells of rain.

    The uncharacteristically high winds will also ease as we enter the weekend.

  • The Sun

    Tonight’s weather 

    Daytime showers will ease and clear from most areas during the evening to reveal late sunny spells. 

    There will be showers across Scotland which will continue overnight and will be locally heavy before merging into spells of rain. 

    Elsewhere will be dry with clear spells and variable cloud cover.

  • The Sun

    Outlook: May 31 – June 9

    According to the Met Office, weather will remain mixed in the first week of June, with rain easing and temperatures rising slightly.

    The organisation said: “Eastern areas are likely to be cloudier with a higher risk of showers at the start of this period, with drier weather and the best of the sunshine probably in the west. 

    “The east is also expected to see cooler than average temperatures over this period. Into the rest of next week, it will likely be mainly fine and dry, but occasional rain and showers, mainly in the east. Feeling warm in any sunshine. 

    “Towards the bank holiday weekend this pattern is likely to continue, and although there will be plenty of dry weather with sunny spells, there’s also a chance of some more unsettled, showery conditions developing for some parts of the UK. Any stronger winds likely easing though and temperatures likely remaining around average for most.”

  • The Sun

    Grey Skies: New Graphic shows the cloudy weather across Britain

    Brits have been starved of sun so far this week. Today is no different.

    In new graphic produced by the Met Office, the huge wave of cloud above the UK is pictured.

    All is not lost, however, with reports suggesting that the sky is set to clear this evening, with winds easing and temperatures as we enter the weekend.

  • The Sun

    In pictures: STUNNING rainbow seen above cathedral as sunshine and showers continue

    It was a bright morning across much of the UK, but rain is still present. 

    Pictured below, this sunshine and rain mixed to produce a truly beautiful rainbow. 

    Showers are set to continue today, but as we approach the evening, rain will ease giving way to clear skies. 

  • The Sun

    150mph winds to ease, temperatures to rise for Jubilee celebrations

    In a recent video released by the Met Office, it has been reported that Brits can expect the rain, wind and cloudiness to ease by the Bank Holiday weekend. 

    The country will see high pressure to the northeast, with mild winds – perfect to make the flags fly high – and perhaps a small amount of rain. 

    Temperatures will rise, getting closer to the average for this time of year of around 18C.

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