UK snow forecast: Met Office warnings cover UK as map shows up to 17 inches THIS WEEKEND

UK weather: Chart shows Britain set to be hit by heavy snow

A ferocious snowstorm is poised to sweep across the UK this weekend, with much of the country covered by snow alerts. Forecasters expect parts of Scotland to be blanketed by up to 17inches (42cm) on Saturday, while northern England and Eastern parts can also expect some flurries, according to the latest weather charts. The mercury is also expected to dip to -4C overnight. 

Separate analysis by the Met Office has seen the weather centre issue two yellow weather warnings and one amber alert tomorrow.

The first covers Scotland, the north of England and the Midlands from midnight tonight to 6pm tomorrow.

It is a yellow snow and ice alert, warning a band of rain and heavy snow may lead to disruption such as power cuts and travel delays.

Much of the east of England, including London and Kent, are covered by a yellow snow warning from 3am to 8pm tomorrow.

The Met Office has also issued an amber weather warning for parts of east England, covering parts of Essex, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk from 5am to 2pm on Saturday.

The forecasters warn: “A band of heavy snow is likely to bring disruption as it moves eastwards on Saturday.”

Fog is also forecast for parts of the Midlands and the North, along with mist around Glasgow which may pose hazards for motorists.

Weather maps by WXCharts show significant snowfall is forecast in Scotland on Saturday.

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A snow depth chart valid for 6am shows parts of Scotland can expect as much as 17 inches (42cm).

Other parts of Scotland can also expect heavy snowfall, as well as parts of the north east of England, such as Northumberland, Durham and Cumbria.

A second map covering England, Wales and Northern Ireland shows 4.3inches (11cm) is forecast near Leeds at 6am.

The chart also shows the east of England and areas surrounding Manchester can also expect some snow.

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Met Office forecaster Aidan McGivern said: “As the rain bumps into cold air an increased signal for snow across parts of Scotland, northern England and into parts of the Midlands by the end of the night.”

He added: “As the rain moves into that cold air there may well be some temporary snow on lower levels across parts of Eastern and Southern Scotland and northern England during the early hours of Saturday.”

The forecaster continued: “The higher parts of the Midlands may well see some snowfall, some disruptive snow across northern parts of the Midlands during Saturday morning.

“At lower levels some temporary, small amounts of snow before it quickly turns to rain by dawn.

“But in this area Lincolnshire, into the East Midlands, parts of East Anglia and the South East, is where the greatest signal for disruptive snow is because here the cold air hangs on for longer.

“Even at lower levels 1-3cm of snow is likely during Saturday morning and in some places, perhaps parts of East Anglia, 5-10cm.

“It continues through much of the morning and early afternoon here.”

BBC forecasters added: “Tomorrow morning will be wet and windy for most with snow in Scotland and East Anglia.”

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