Tyrone boy, 4, lists his exhausting to-do list in hilarious monologue

‘I’m a busy man!’: Boy, four, outlines his exhausting to-do list including strimming hedges, buying a digger and installing windows at Marks and Spencer in a hilarious monologue

  • Darragh O’Neill from Clonoe, Co Tyrone was filmed by his mother Caroline 
  • The youngster spends three minutes telling her about his planned day ahead
  • As well as concreting his house, he plans to travel to Dublin to look at a digger
  • If that wasn’t enough, the youngster was going to clean the windows at M&S 

This is the heartwarming moment a four-year-old boy claims to be ‘a busy man’, while reciting a line of tasks, including going off to buy a digger. 

Darragh O’Neill, from Clonoe, Co Tyrone was filmed by his mother Caroline at the family’s farm. 

The youngster, and his brother Pearse, 5, have been in several videos during the lockdown period to discuss farming life. 

Caroline O’Neill, pictured, right, filmed her youngest son Darragh, pictured centre beside his father Gerard, left, holding their eldest son Pearse, 5, and their youngest child Tess 

Darragh O’Neill from Clonoe, Co Tyrone spent more than three minutes telling his mother Caroline, 37, of the busy day he had planned, including building his house, digging a drain for a neighbour and even working on the windows for his local M&S store 

One of his jobs involved heading up to Dublin to look at a digger he might buy, in what could be a fraught negotiation given his planned budget was £20

In a frantic day, he was hoping to level the stones out in the yard before strimming his grandfather’s lane

Commenting on the weather, Darragh proclaims it to be ‘a quare day for concrete’. 

Speaking to his mother, Caroline in the family’s kitchen, Darragh comes up with a long list of jobs that he has to squeeze in before bed time at 8.30pm – including a trip to Dublin. 

During the three-minute video, Darragh begins with: ‘I’ll put in tiles up at my house I’m building. It’s going on good, they’re putting on the windows today. I’m putting in the tiles, but I need the concrete man this evening. He’s coming at half six. It’s a quare day for the concrete.

‘It’s for Ronan McAliskey, he drives the lorries.’

‘What else do I have to do?

‘I’m going to need to get the keys of my car because I don’t have then yet, I only buyed my car there yesterday. I only got my licence yesterday.

‘The police won’t be out today. I’ll park her up at Tessie’s. I’ll bring my bike up.’

He then stops briefly, and without need for notes, he continues his list of chores.  

He said: ‘I tell you’se what else I’m doing. I’m putting up barbed wire. I’m strimming hedges, I’m painting fences, cutting my sheep.

‘I’m going up to Dublin to look at a digger and see if I can buy it.

‘£20-or-so will do him.’

‘I have to strim granda’s lane. I have to cut down a big tree.

He told his mother that the concrete man would be arriving in the evening at 6.30pm 

‘I’m going up to John Paul’s. I might dig out his wee drains. Then I’m going up to Brian G’s. I’m a busy man.’

At this his mother starts laughing.

Darragh responds: ‘Why are you laughing?’

Soon the conversation turns to food. 

He asks his mother: ‘Pizza base or steak tonight? What else am I doing then?

‘I forgot this, I’m mowing the garden then. Levelling a bit of stones out in the yard.’

Little Darragh was pressed for time as he then asked his mother: ‘Half eight, that’s the time I go to bed, isn’t it?’

‘A shower I’ll maybe do tonight.’

‘I better go now and get the cement so I’ll clear all them stones out and put new ones in.’

The four-year-old farmer has an endless list of tasks he has until 8.30pm to complete

He told his mother that he would like steak, chips and garlic cubes along with the stuff ‘you dip into it’

Luckily for the local M&S, if he can squeeze in the windows job before bedtime he won’t need any money as he has plenty

Mrs O’Neill said there has been an amazing reaction to Darragh’s video

When asked again about dinner, he responds: ‘Steak I would say and chips and garlic cubes.’

‘What’s that thing you dip things into… peppered sauce, aye.’

Then he decides he has to go to town for a job.  

He said: ‘You know that big place Marks & Spencer’s, I’m putting new windows in it. I’m cleaning the windows. I might go up there this morning.

‘I don’t want paid like. I already have lots of money.’

His mother Caroline, 37, told the Belfast Telegraph: ‘He’s only four so he just picks up everything from his daddy Gerard (40) and his granddad.

‘We don’t have any iPads or computers so the boys are always outside learning about farming and land every weekend when they’re off school. I think it’s just him following what the adults are doing.

She added: ‘It’s lovely because he’s really innocent, I’m just telling him everyone loves his farming talk. He doesn’t really do it on demand but the boys are loving it and it’s a really positive distraction from what’s going on in the world.’  

Mrs O’Neill said the Ronan McAliskey mentioned by her son is real and delivers supplies to her husband. She said since the video went live he has been inundated with phone calls. She said he is loving ‘the craic’. 

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