Top Dutch crime reporter fighting for life after being shot in 'revenge hit'

A TOP crime reporter is fighting for life after being shot in a suspected revenge hit.

Award-winning Dutch journalist Peter R de Vries is thought to have been targeted by mobsters he had exposed.

The 64-year-old was shot in the head in a street near a large public square in Amsterdam on Tuesday evening after a TV studio appearance nearby.

He was critically ill in intensive care last night.

Police arrested two suspects, a Pole, 35, and a 21-year-old Dutchman, after a motorway chase.

Amsterdam mayor Femke Halsema said: "Peter R. de Vries is for all of us a national hero, an unusually courageous journalist, tirelessly seeking justice.
"Today, justice in our country appears a long way off. A brutal, cowardly crime has been committed."

Dutch justice minister Ferd Grapperhaus fought back tears as he vowed to bring the criminals to justice – and warned the mafia was becoming "more violent and unscrupulous".

He added: "We are dealing with completely unhinged people who, among other things, set up torture chambers.”

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