Thousands of Brits being ‘stolen’ by city where pay is 3 times more than UK

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    Australian bodysnatchers are jetting to the UK to "steal" 31,000 Brits – for a low-cost life of luxury in the sun.

    They need them to work in the city of Perth which is battling an employment shortage.

    The Aussies are coming armed with a wealth of incentives to entice cash-strapped Brits to move Down Under.

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    They include the promise of a surf’n’sunshine lifestyle with sky-high wages and a low cost of living.

    The mob wants nurses, doctors, teachers and police officers along with mechanics, builders, plumbers, dentists, hospitality workers and miners.

    And they're paying up to three times the salaries workers earn in the UK.

    Police and Defence Industry minister Paul Papalia will lead a delegation of recruiters heading to London, Bristol, Edinburgh and Dublin in Ireland to convince folk to move south.

    Paul said: "We are here to steal your workers by offering them a better life in one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

    "Western Australia is a fantastic place to live and work.

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    "Our wages are higher and our cost of living is lower. Our health system is world-class. You will be taken care of.

    "Most of Perth’s population lives a short drive from the beach, where parking is free.

    "There are no tolls on our roads. We don’t have anything close to what would be considered a traffic jam by UK standards.

    "And if you don’t want to drive public transport is also capped. The most you’ll ever pay for a one way ticket anywhere is £2.86. That’s all it will cost you to get a train from the airport to the city centre.

    "And we have free buses in our entertainment precincts and business district.

    "Perth is a beautiful, clean and vibrant city, with food, bars, pubs and restaurants to cater to all tastes."

    Analysts said a nurse who earns around £30,000 in the UK would make almost £50,000-a-year Down Under.

    Secondary school teachers on £33,000 can earn £53,000.

    Meanwhile the average household energy bill in Western Australia is £1,376 compared to the UK cap of £2,600.

    That would free up cash for an extra 110 Sunday dinners or 183 pints of lager.

    The average house in the state is 2.5 times the size of a UK property.

    Yet house prices are the cheapest in Australia.

    The Aussie ambush is due to begin on February 25.

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