The Queen the public didn’t see – according to right-hand woman Angela Kelly

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In the wake of the sad death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, the Daily Star has taken a look back at a moving portrait of the monarch painted by one of her closest and most surprising friends.

Angela Kelly was a humble Scouser who went from living in a council house to working as the late Queen's right-hand woman at Buckingham Palace.

Although Kelly's upbringing couldn't have been more different from her former boss's, the pair's friendship that spanned decades was like no other within the Royal Family.

Ms Kelly's official title was personal assistant, advisor and curator (wardrobe and jewellery), but behind closed doors she was a truly trusted confidant, friend and almost like a sister to Queen Elizabeth II, The Mirror reports.

The pair loved nothing more than having a chinwag over a cup of Darjeeling tea at Ms Kelly's cosy grace-and-favour Windsor home, that was gifted to her by the Monarch.

And it is reported that the Queen would tell staff she was "stepping out for a bit" which was her royal code for her having a girl's date with Ms Kelly.

When the pair were together, they could allegedly be heard down the corridors roaring with laughter.

The two pals would discuss "everything and anything" from the new ranges of make-up to their treasured grandchildren.

In a rare interview with The Telegraph in 2007, Ms Kelly said: "We are two typical women.

"We discuss clothes, make-up, jewellery. We say, 'Would this piece of jewellery look nice with that outfit?', and things like that."

The close between the two women reportedly caused jealously among other members of staff however.

Ms Kelly added: "I don't have any more room for knives in my back.

"I don't know why the Queen seems fond of me – because I don't give her an easy time!"

Throughout the Queen's long life, Ms Kelly gushed about her unwavering affection for her boss.

She constantly described how much she "adored" and was "so proud of her".

One insider source claimed that the Queen was always "noticeably more relaxed" when she was around Ms Kelly.

The extraordinary bond that was shared between Ms Kelly and the Queen was seen as unusual by some, as the pair's upbringing was extremely different.

Ms Kelly is the daughter of a crane driver and nurse, she grew up in a council house in Walton, Liverpool.

As a young girl Ms Kelly would reportedly rummage through fabrics in the city's flea markets to make clothes.

Ms Kelly was first introduced to the late Monarch in the early 90s when she was taken on as a dresser after impressing the Queen Mother's personal stylist.

She reportedly celebrated the job offer with a meal with her then-husband in their local Harvester pub.

Ms Kelly went on to be indispensable in the Queen's life and revelled in delight at being able to make the Queen look her absolute best.

The mother-of-three was reportedly one of the few people outside of her family that could lay hands on the Monarch.

In a previous interview, Ms Kelly said: "I come from a humble background and I hope to stay humble.

"But I hope the Queen and I grow old together."

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