Terrifying video shows Hurricane Ida ‘wizard’ wind shield wrap around building

Heartstopping footage shows a "visible wind shield" as Hurricane Ida makes landfall at the US city of New Orleans on Sunday.

One person was killed when a tree fell on their home in Ascension Parish, in the Baton Rouge area.

Damaging scenes can be seen across the city as Ida wreaked havoc and caused significant power outages.

The Category 4 weather system, with 150mph (240km/h) winds, has now weakened to a tropical storm with sustained winds of 60 mph.

Resident Scott Alexander captured a terrifying moment a huge "wind shield" wraps around a high-rise building in the central business district.

The 23-second-long footage shows a flowing "wall of wind" moving like a curtain under the strong gusts and heavy downpours.

"I don’t even know what wizardry this is but it’s terrifying," a viewer commented and another said: "It's like ocean waves in the sky."

"That storm was unreal…I’ve heard sounds that was simply demonic. I’m done with hurricanes," a third added.

Craig Setzer, chief meteorologist at CBS Miami, pointed out that the phenomenon as "vortex shedding".

He wrote: "It's often there, not as pronounced, but you just can't see it.

"Think of a rock in a fast moving stream and the swirls that spin off of it."

Bryan Wood, a weather expert, added: "Vortex shedding of winds behind a building is usually invisible…but when you have this much rain, you can literally see how the wind flows around a building a sheds vortices behind it."

Over one million homes in Louisiana are without power, and US president Joe Biden said it could take weeks to restore supplies.

The president has declared a major disaster in the state, releasing extra funds for rescue and recovery efforts.

Louisiana governor John Bel Edwards confirmed on Twitter earlier that the state has deployed more than 1,600 personnel to conduct search and rescue across Louisiana.

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