Terrifying moment huge waves crash over oil tanker caught in storm

Terrifying moment huge waves crash over oil tanker in ‘Perfect Storm’ moment in North Atlantic

  • The footage, captured in April this year, shows the ship battling huge waves 
  • Storms are not uncommon in the North Atlantic, which has been the site of record breaking waves in the past,  reaching heights of more than 60 feet 

This is the terrifying moment huge waves crash over an oil tanker as it battles against a ferocious storm in the middle of the Atlantic sea. 

The footage, captured by a sailor on board the ship last month, shows it bobbing up and down as it tries to move forward through an onslaught on high and very intense waves, and wind gusts. 

At one point, the sailor is completely blinded by water as waves crash down upon the deck of the oil tanker, covering the windows. 

The North Atlantic is known for its brutal weather which can create dangerous conditions for ships crossing the waters. 

Meteorologists put this down to intense areas of low pressure that form across the basin. 

These areas can fuel winds that can stir up the waters and create enormous waves and stormy conditions. 

This has resulted in record breaking waves, like one in February 2013 when a buoy located between Iceland and the United Kingdom recorded a wave height of 62 feet according to the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO).  

Footage shows the large waves crashing into the ship as it crosses the water

At one point in the footage, the screen is completely covered with spray from the waves 

The North Atlantic is a dangerous body of water for ships to cross due to high waves

The body of water also holds the world record for the highest wave sighted by a ship at a massive 60.7 feet in 2000. 

Around this time of year, the North Atlantic is increasingly monitored by the National Hurricane Centre (NHC) as it can be a hotbed for developing hurricanes and tropical storms. 

The hurricane season officially starts in June.  

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