Teen shoots robber in face for attempting to steal from his family’s pizzeria

A 14-year-old boy has shot a robber in the face after he attempted to steal from his family’s pizzeria.

The incident took place earlier this month on December 9, at around 10pm, when a masked would-be robber entered Bold Pizza in Philadelphia, USA, after having reportedly robbed a nearby CVS pharmacy.

He proceeded to demand the clerk – the boy’s mother – hand him the money from the cash register, to which she said that she couldn’t because she needed a code to open the register.

The robber then reached over the counter and tussled with the woman who was holding on to the register.

Dramatic surveillance footage from inside the store showed the teenager then pulling out a handgun and shooting the masked man in the face as he tried to steal cash from the register.

Sources told NBC Philadelphia that the boy grabbed the gun from underneath the counter and struggled with its holster before opening fire.

On the video footage however, it is unclear whether the 14-year-old grabbed the weapon from under the counter or whether he already had it on his person.

Police officers were quickly called to the scene and they followed a trail of blood that led them to a nearby subway station, where they found the suspect, before quickly rushing him to hospital where he is being treated in critical condition.

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He was found with a large amount of cash inside his pockets, but officers did not find a gun.

Investigators are therefore unsure if the suspect was armed during the robbery or if he pretended to have a weapon.

Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector, Scott Small, told WPVI: “There was money on the floor and there was also some broken glass inside the store, and there was also a large amount of blood.”

Police are still searching for the suspect’s two associates who were reportedly involved in the pharmacy robbery.

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