Team looking after UK’s nukes vote on strike action amid Putin’s threats

Workers looking after the UK's nuclear weapons will soon vote on strike action, a trade union said.

Members of Prospect working at the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE), which maintains Trident, the UK's nuclear deterrents, will be balloted from on October 24 with voting continuing for two weeks.

This comes after a pay dispute with the company was not resolved.

Mike Clancy, general secretary of Prospect, said: "Several years of deteriorating workforce engagement and stagnating pay against inflation, has left workers at AWE with no option but to move towards industrial action.

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"Safely maintaining the UK's nuclear deterrent is a complex and highly stressful operation that requires an extremely high level of dedication and training at all levels. It should attract a commensurate level of pay and respect, for these staff who keep the country safe."

With nuclear threats from Russia ramping up, the action comes at a worrying time for frightened Brits.

AWE offered an increase of 5%, which members formally rejected. An additional lump sum payment of an average £780 was also offered, which Prospect estimated would amount to the equivalent of a 7% increase in pay.

The sum, members say, doesn't match inflation and won't do enough to help employees survive the ongoing cost of living crisis, WalesOnline reports.

Prospect has said on several occasions that "recruitment and retention issues affecting AWE will continue" if the arms company failed to address their pay problems.

"Staff are struggling with the basic costs of living which is unacceptable in the context of this employer and its funding," Clancy added.

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"This is not a workforce that can bear a high level of churn while safely functioning – the jobs simply require too high a degree of training.

"If the [Ministry of Defence] and AWE don't think again and make a pay offer that reflects the rocketing cost of living, there is a real risk that AWE will struggle to recruit and retain the skills that it needs."

Members of the union Unite will also vote on the issue.

An official spokesperson for the Prime Minister said the possible strikes were still "hypothetical" and stressed that the UK's nuclear supply would not be affected by industrial action.

This comes as Putin continues his worrying ramp-up of the war in Ukraine.

The Russian despot made thinly-veiled threats to the West in a speech, during which he mobilised some 3000 reservists and civilians to the front line and said he would use "any means necessary" to get his way.

Now the dictator has rolled out martial law in illegally annexed regions of Ukraine, marking a scary moment in the escalation of the war.

Today an expert's map revealed the extent of the damage a nuclear bomb could cause if dropped on Westminster.

Everyone within a mile of the bomb, Dr Jeffrey Lewis warned, would likely be killed immediately, but the impacts would likely be seen a whopping 20 miles from the epicentre of a potential attack.

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