Taliban hunt down foreign agents and pull out one’s nails before killing him

Taliban death squads have hunted down and killed at least four Afghan counter-terrorism agents – and one reportedly had his fingernails pulled out before he was shot.

The four men were members of British and American-trained units at the Afghanistan intelligence service, who found and interrogated the Taliban, The Sunday Times reports.

The Taliban said there would be no violence or retribution towards those involved in the prior government, despite reports of door-to-door searches for targets.

The younger brother of one of the killed men managed to escape when the Taliban came for them at their home on the outskirts of Kabul last month.

A Taliban vehicle drove past the brothers in their car and fired at them, shooting the younger brother twice in the arm and the older brother three times in the head.

The former told The Sunday Times: “I managed to drive to relatives and they took me to hospital. I don’t know how I survived. My parents are so afraid, they will not let me out.”

Photographs of their car reportedly showed windscreen bullet holes and blood-soaked seats, as well as the corpse of the brother shot dead.

Earlier this week, Taliban fighters were recorded holding a man's severed head by his hair and singing together in a chilling celebration.

Judging by the colour of his uniform, the beheaded victim is believed to have been an Afghan soldier.

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A disturbing 30-second video obtained by the Washington Examiner shows a group of armed Taliban fighters parading the head around while chanting "Mujahideen".

One of the men could be seen gripping hold of two bloodied knives, six others were carrying rifles.

In the clip reportedly shared to a private Taliban chat room, the man with a blade in each hand led chants of "Mujahideen" which refers to Muslims who fight on behalf of Islam.

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