Statue with large erect penis ‘representing faith to God’ smashed by thugs

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A statue of a man with a huge erect penis which is said to represent faith to God has been targeted by thugs just days after its erection.

The 10ft high statue, which is known as a "huaco", was unveiled in the district of Moche in the western Peruvian province of Trujillo to mark the New Year.

Since its construction, the phallic figure has soared in popularity and has become an unlikely tourist attraction, with people flocking to take selfies with it, LadBible reports.

"Families are coming, they laugh, you get a smile from the family group, the individual, the girlfriend, in this crisis that has brought us so much sadness," District mayor Cesar Arturo Fernandez commented.

But not everyone seemed to be impressed by the man with the huge hard-on as the mayor revealed that the statue took quite a hit following its display.

He said that three hooded people armed with knives tried to destroy the statue and threatened to kill the security guard who was at the site.

The killjoys then smashed a large hole on the bright red tip of the penis leaving a distinguished puncture on the side.

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“Huaco” is the Peruvian term for earthenware pottery works by indigenous peoples of the Americas which can often be found in ancient burial sites and temples.

The three-metre-high statue was donated by a local plastics artist who wanted to contribute something cultural to the area.

Previously speaking about how the figure was formed, Mr Fernandez said: “We have always promoted two types of huaco: huaco busts and erotic ones.

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“In our culture, it does not represent eroticism but faith to God. In addition, sexuality must be seen as something normal and natural.

He added: “It represents abundance… fertility… and above all because in these times we need abundance in every sense, in health, the economy, peace and love.

“This is why we’ve been inspired to have this (statue) as it is.”

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