Sisters looking to be next Miss Bumbum claim they had sex together with 5 women

Two sisters looking to take the gloriously illustrious title of Brazilian Miss BumBum have gone public with a claim that they recorded group sex . . . with five other women.

Larissa and Rafaela Sumpani are representing the Minas Gerais and Bahai regions respectively at this month's world renowned Miss BumBum contest.

And as voting has now closed, the pair have made a shocking confession when talking to Brazilian news outlet Splash.

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Larissa said: “We've already done it with five other women, usually it's better for us because scenes with just one more person are very static.

“A lot of people think we're sisters just because of the marketing, but we were born from the same father and the same mother.

“We don't interact in the content we record together.

“Sometimes we have the two dancing, one next to the other, in a more sensual way.

“When there is only one guest, we are interacting with him or her, with sisters satisfying her.”

The actual date of the competition is not easy to find, with the website giving zero details about it.

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However, as the competition allegedly draws nearer, previous winners are appearing out of the woodwork.

And one of those has told how she was called a “mutant” having had sex 14 times in just one day.

Deny Barbie, an actress and influencer, has been in the running to claim the title of Brazil's best booty owner (quite the accolade) in the competitive bum judging contest.

Despite the talk usually being about her pert behind, the 40-year-old has caused quite the stir for admitting her past sexual shenanigans.

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In the PagoCast podcast last year, Deny spilled on her sex fuelled Sunday.

The blonde bombshell said: "I get to have sex all day. I once had sex 14 times with my boyfriend in one day.

"And I don't get tired or anything. He says I'm a mutant."

But apparently, no regular bloke can handle Deny and her stamina in the bedroom.

The model, who has over 40,000 Instagram followers, shared that her then partner did not need any help from stimulants to keep going on their day long bonk fest.

"I say he's the only one who can take me, I don't know how", Deny expressed.

"Our Sunday consisted of having sex the whole day. I'd manage more than 14 times."

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