‘Sick’ serial killer cards put world’s worst men head to head in top trump game

Murderers Peter Sutcliffe and Dennis Nilsen are ranked against each other in a twisted card game.

A serial killers' edition of a Top Trumps-style game is on sale – for kids aged three and above.

It means the likes of Sutcliffe, known as the Yorkshire Ripper, and Ted Bundy can be played and idolised like footballers and superheroes.

Reviewers branded the game "sick". Players compete to have the most prolific serial killer in their hand, each rated in four sections based on their murders.

Age at first kill, years undiscovered, number of victims, birth and maniac factor are all options to beat the opponent's card.

Sutcliffe, convicted of murdering 13 women and attempting to murder seven others, ranks alongside the "Kindly Killer" Nilsen as the most notorious British killers.

At least 12 young men died at the hands of Nilsen in a series of killings between 1978 and 1983.

Colombian Pedro Alonso López, who is believed to have raped and butchered more than 300 girls across Colombia, Peru and Ecuador, is the game's top card.

He is branded a "mega killer" with a five-star rating.

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German company Kulturmeister describes Notorious Serial Killers on Amazon as "the first Trump card game with the 32 most notorious serial killers of all time". The product description reads: "Play a card game with the most notorious serial killers of all time!

"Amazing facts about the most dangerous men of the modern age: How many murders did they accomplish? "When did they start to kill? "How many died already, how many are still alive? "Get answers with this Trump game."

A blank card makes up the set, allowing players to bring their favourite serial killer into the game.

One of the two surviving victims of notorious US killer, Ted Bundy has blasted the game.

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Kathy Kleiner told the Daily Star Sunday: "I think they are totally in bad taste. They give recognition to the most horrific, despicable and twisted individuals that have lived.

"To expose children to these cards may teach them to accept that deviant behaviour is rewarded and accepted in our society."

Other international figures include mass murderers The Milwaukee Monster, La Bestia, The Sadist of Chanquito and The Butcher of Rostov.

But the cards, inset, have been slated online, with one reviewer from Bristol writing: "Whoever created these Top Trumps should be imprisoned and the profits made from sales should pay for their stay in prison."

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Another added: "Is it really the subject for a game? Imagine if your child was abused or killed by one of the men featured.

"How would you feel about that as a game people are playing for laughs?" A buyer from London reasoned: "Pretty sick idea to create this, but at the same time it is raising awareness and disgracing them all. If you don't like it then simply don't buy it."

A serial killer colouring book can also be ordered from the same online retail giant, Amazon.

In its description, the "adult" book promises: "You have never seen Jeffrey Dahmer, Robert Berdella or Ted Bundy like this."

An Amazon spokesman told the Daily Star Sunday: "Our store maintains content guidelines for books that address content that is illegal, infringing or that we otherwise prohibit.

"As a bookseller, we provide our customers with access to a variety of viewpoints, including books that some customers may find objectionable."

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