Russians ’embarrassed’ as ‘cracks in the system’ show Putin collapsing

Russians 'very embarrassed' over military failures says Smith

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Former advisor to Ukraine Foreign Minister Cormac Smith revealed Russians are starting to feel “very embarrassed” after the latest updates appeared to confirm that Ukrainians have “taken over an area the size of Kent” in their counter-offensive campaign to regain control over Russian-occupied Kharkiv. Mr Smith said the decision of 18 Russian deputies to sign a petition asking for the resignation of Vladimir Putin is starting to show the presence of “cracks” within the Russian system and Putin’s regime.

In light of the achievements made by the Ukrainian forces in the last few days, he urged the West to keep supporting Ukraine in its fight against Russia and argued Ukraine is probably “at a D-Day point” with Russia.

Mr Smith told TalkTV host Julia Hartley-Brewer: “There is a lot of good news coming out of Ukraine at the moment, the Ukrainians have taken over an area the size of Kent.

“Eighteen deputies from lawmakers from Moscow and Saint Peterborough have now signed a petition asking for the resignation of Vladimir Putin and inviting others to do it.

“There are definitely signs that there are cracks in the system.”

Referring to Ukraine’s counter-offensive in Kherson, he continued: “The Ukrainians are definitely making huge progress at the moment, the eight to one advantage that they have, I think we must take it with a very large pinch of salt because it comes from a Russian proxy source.”

He explained: “People I have spoken have suggested that Russians are actually very embarrassed.

“They are fleeing the battlefield in great numbers and they are leaving massive amounts of equipment tanks and ammunitions behind them.

“This is a great embarrassment for what was supposed to be the world’s second greatest army.

“I spoke to a very good friend of mine the other day and he made the point that Ukraine is only doing as well as they are because of the massive amount of weapons that we in the West and the Brits in particular, along with the Americans, are giving them and age sanctions which are starting to bite in Russia.

Russians 'very embarrassed' over military failures says Smith

“We must not blink as we’re probably at a D-Day point.

“We’re not there yet, but so much lies in the hands of the West”.

An update from the UK’s Ministry of Defence confirmed that Russian army has been left “severely weakened” after the Ukrainian retreat from Kharkiv Oblast.

In the defence intelligence update, the UK MoD also said that Russia “could take years to rebuild the capability” it has lost amid Ukraine counter offensive.

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Another update from Ukraine’s governor of Luhansk Serbia Haidai confirmed the achievements made by the Ukrainian forces.

On Telegram, he wrote that “the Russian have completely left Kreminna”, a city located in the Luhansk Oblast region.

He said: “Today, Kreminna is completely empty – the Russian army has left the city. The Ukrainian flag raised by the partisans flies there”.

In his nighty address to the nation, President Zelensky also declared that Ukraine has overall recaptured 2,300 sq miles of territory, urging the West to keep providing military support to Ukraine in its counter-attack campaign to regain control over the Russian-occupied Kharkiv region.

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