Russians ‘ashamed’ as they have to ‘crowdfund’ for military drones after Putin’s losses

Russian: Crowdfunding used to supply drones say commentators

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In a heated exchange, a Russian TV host and a politician bemoaned the “foolish antics” that are causing Ukrainian troops to be better-equipped in the conflict in the neighbouring country. Russian member of the Federal Assembly Semyon Bagdasarov claimed that Russia needed to “move on to a wartime approach” to stop their forces from being outgunned as Putin’s military continues to struggle to gain ground in its invasion of Ukraine. 

TV host Vladimir Solovyov said: “They tell us from the front line: give us drones! People are crowdfunding crazy amounts of money. 

“They bought up everything that was available. Why can’t that junk be mass-produced in Russia?” 

State Dume member Mr Bagdasarov replies: “Everyone is ashamed to talk about that. 

“Volunteers, like our mutual acquaintances, are buying it all and transporting it there. It’s a crying shame!”

As he gets progressively angrier at the prospect of Ukrainian’s being supplied with more weapons, Mr Bagdasarov adds: “The country needs to move on to a wartime approach. Enough of these foolish antics.” 

Mr Solovyov says: “Just try to bring something in, even humanitarian help on the territory of Donbas. 

“It’s easier to bring it in via Ukrainian customs in Lviv. They let any weapons through. 

“But to bring something to our guys is near impossible. We have complained about it a hundred times.” 

The pair are believed to be discussing the abundance of Turkish-made Bayraktar drones available to the Ukrianians. 

Russian customs are reportedly making it difficult to transport weapons to their forces in Ukraine. 

And members of the Russian public have allegedly resorted to crowdfunding to increase the supply of arms. 

Mr Bagdasarov said that people were “ashamed” by the reality of the smaller Ukraine having so many more weapons than their invaders. 

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While Russia celebrates its inaugural Victory Day across the nation, putting on huge military parades, Russia has reportedly launched another attack in Mariupol. 

In a desperate attempt to salvage some semblance of victory on their largest national holiday, forces have “stormed” the Azovstal plant where Ukrainian forces have been sheltering underground. 

Petro Andriushchenko, an adviser to the mayor of Mariupol, said: “An unsuccessful attempt was made to break through the bridge, which was the gate of evacuation.”

Ukrainian defence ministry spokesperson Oleksandr Motuzyanyk also claimed that there could be further attacks in the coming days. 

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