Russian soldier gives middle finger to Ukrainian drone moments before craft blitzes Putin’s forces & blows up tank

THIS is the moment a Russian soldier flipped his middle finger at a Ukrainian drone before the craft reduced the troops and tank to a fireball wreckage.

Vladimir Putin's calamitous invasion has seen Moscow lose some 30,000 fighters and 1,330 tanks as defiant Ukrainian defenders blitz the enemy from above.

Fresh footage from Ukrainian forces pushing back in the East show troops using a drone to drop munitions on a Russian BTR-82A APC that Putin's soldiers attempted to conceal next to a building.

The clip shows the drone eyeing up six Russian troops standing around the military vehicle.

As the camera zooms in, one of the fighters can be seen turning his head to the sky before sticking up his middle finger to the craft.

But the drone then unleashes a grenade onto the tank causing it to erupt into flames – adding to the burnt-out vehicles littering the Ukrainian landscape amid Putin's disastrous invasion.

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Russia’s terrifying ‘Terminator’ tanks pictured in combat for first time

The Russian tyrant has now lost a staggering 30,000 troops, 1,330 tanks, 207 planes and 174 helicopters in the war, according to Ukrainian officials.

As the chaotic invasion has caused devastating losses for Russia, Putin has been warned to bring his troops back home or "risk more orphans".

Footage released Friday shows British and US volunteer soldiers blowing up a Russian tank with a rocket launcher.

While earlier this week, another video showed a Russian tank erupting into a fireball after a Ukrainian kamikaze drone smashed into it.

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But after weeks of stalling, Russia's heavily armed and armoured Terminator tanks have been pictured in combat for the first time as Putin's new offensive pushes into Ukraine.

The vehicles were snapped supporting a group of main battle tanks as the Russians push towards Bakhmut in the Donbas region.

Despite mounting a disastrous campaign which saw the Russians attempt to storm towards Kyiv and then get thrown back East by a valiant resistance, Putin's men are now making slow progress.

And while Ukraine claims it has killed tens of thousands of soldiers and destroyed countless machinery, the massive size of Moscow's military is allowing them to begin to push back.

It was confirmed earlier this month that Russia had deployed its only unit of the Terminator tanks to the frontline for the first time – with around ten of them in service.

Pictures show the distinctive vehicles moving through a field as smoke billows around them from a mixture of tank shells and Ukrainian artillery fire raining down.

Terminator tanks are supposed to be one of Russia's most advanced weapons systems as Putin attempts to portray his armed forces as some of the strongest in the world.

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Bristling with supersonic anti-tank missiles which can hit targets nearly four miles away, two 30mm autocannons and grenade launchers – the Terminators appear to be fearsome weapons.

The twin autocannons can fire 600 rounds per minute – with one firing armour piercing rounds, and the other anti-personnel rounds.

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