Rescue puppy runs into fence TWICE as he tries to copy his big sister

Jump! Rambo the rescue puppy runs into a fence TWICE as he tries to copy his big sister in hilarious footage

  • Rambo, a 7-month-old blue heeler from Virginia Beach, crashed headfirst into a chain-link fence
  • The unharmed dog kept trying to catch up with his 2-year-old sister Pepper
  • The younger pup was recently rescued and is ‘adjusting to being a normal dog’ 

A puppy hit a wall – literally – while trying to keep up with his older sibling in a hilarious video caught by their owner.   

Rambo, an excited 7-month-old blue heeler pup, charged a chain-link fence and smashed into it before he followed his 2-year-old sister over the lower part of the barrier.

A 24-second video captured the blunder, which took place in Virginia Beach, Virginia on July 10.

Virginia Beach rescue pup Rambo made it over a fence twice after a couple of blunders

The bloopers didn’t end there.

Their owner is heard whistling off-camera and saying, ‘come on, come on,’ as she beckons the dogs over one more time.

Pepper, the older one, hops over effortlessly before Rambo misses the lower part of the fence again, this time by just a few inches.

Pepper, Rambo’s sister, is a 2-year-old of the same breed, Australian Cattle Dog

Rambo was just recently adopted by the family.

‘He’s still adjusting to being a normal dog as he wasn’t given a great life up until he met us!’ the unnamed owner told ViralHog.

Blue Heelers are also sometimes known as Red Heelers or by their standard name, Australian Cattle Dog. 

They are described as ‘alert, extremely intelligent, watchful, courageous and trustworthy,’ according to the Australian National Kennel Council. 

The aptly-named breed’s main function ‘is the control and movement of cattle in both wide open and confined areas.’

Blue Heelers trace their origins to the Smithfield, which was imported to Australia from Britain in the 19th century.

They were crossed with feral Dingoes and breeds like the Scottish Highland Collie to create the optimal herder, according to the American Kennel Club.

‘Rambo has such a silly and fun personality, and clearly didn’t see the fence!’ the owner added.

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