Prison runs out of pants for lags forcing officers into mad supermarket dash

Prison officers had to nip to the supermarket when their jail ran out of undies.

And they had to raid cells to grab pants and blankets from prisoners who had more than fair share.

An annual report into conditions of at HMP Lewes in Sussex revealed details of the underwear shortage.

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The jail’s Independent Monitoring Board found: “During the year, shortages of clothing and kit for the prisoners necessitated cell purges in order to retrieve items exceeding the permitted allowance.

“Only one set of kit was being issued to prisoners on their arrival, making it impossible for there to be an exchange on kit day. There was also a shortage of both towels and blankets.

“Orders of clothing, towels and blankets had been restricted by a governor early in the year, which had resulted in shortages going forward.

“An increase in new reception prisoners and problems with suppliers resulted in the need to bring in socks and underpants from a local supermarket, and the reuse of dirty blankets. In addition, kit had to be washed on site as there was insufficient kit to await the laundry delivery from HMP Elmley.

“Since August 2022, items worth £18,223 recovered from prisoners’ cells were reallocated to stores or recycled to prisoners. These included clothing, sheets, curtains and mattresses.”

The report also found that a drop in the availability of drugs had led to an increase in cons brewing their own booze.

The study added: “Illegally brewed alcohol (IBA) and synthetic cannabinoids, known as spice, were the main problems within the prison for substance misuse, with prisoners finding new ways to make IBA and to hide both.

“The increase in IBA, levels of which were high throughout the year, appeared to correspond to a decrease in the availability of other drugs in the prison.”

Elsewhere in the country jail bosses have banned lags’ loved ones from sending them underwear because inmates were smoking their smalls to get high.

Villains were sending in pants soaked in mind-bending drug Spice.

In a bid to keep drugs out of HMP High Down in Surrey bosses have banned cons from receiving underwear gifts – even from their wives, girlfriends and mums.

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