Prince Harry’s Japan trip pics show ‘big Haz energy’ transformation says expert

Controversial royal Prince Harry has undergone an "telling transformation", a leading critic has pointed out.

For around a year Prince Harry has cut a forlorn figure whenever he has been snapped in the media.

From taking a backseat at various royal events to appearing on tell-all documentaries alongside wife Meghan Markle, it has not been a stellar time for the Duke of Sussex.

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But that seems to have changed during a recent trip to Japan . . . which he undertook by himself.

The 38-year-old is in the country, having touched down overnight, to attend a fundraising polo match in Singapore on Saturday.

But before heading there, he is taking in the sites and sounds of Japan.

And having only been there less than 24 hours it is clear he is loving life – with Daniela Elser claiming that “big Harry energy is back”.

Writing for after images of a beaming prince emerged, she said: “The sad fact is that we have all gotten so very used to the Duke of Dour.

“So used to photos of him looking tense as his burly US security guards, not a single visible neck among them and all arms like Christmas hams, herd he and wife Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex in and out of official state-side engagements.

“So used to photos of Harry purposefully striding into UK court buildings with all the twitchy unease of a man about to enter a gladiatorial arena armed with only a spork.

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“And so used to seeing the duke sit down for TV interviews where he is forced to peel back tender emotional layers and lay bare his hurt feelings for slack-jawed audiences, because that is pretty much what he does for ready dosh these days.

“The question that these Tokyo pictures really raises is, if we have not seen this chirpy Harry for so long, just how happy might Harry be with his shiny US career?”

Prince Harry's future career path has been questioned in recent months, with Meghan Markle reportedly looking to forge her own one without him.

But it now seems like the roles have reversed and he is the one seemingly set on going it alone.

The Daily Star has reached out to Prince Harry's team for a comment.

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