Pregnant Brazilian beauty queen arrested for faking her kidnapping in bid to extort £30,000 ransom money from her mum

A PREGNANT model has been arrested for allegedly staging her own abduction in an attempt to extort ransom money from her own mother.

Brazilian beauty queen Lauren Adana Lorenzetti now faces a six year prison sentence after her friends and then-boyfriend helped her fake the kidnap, it is reported.

The 31-year-old influencer was arrested at her home in Santana de Parnaiba after faking the kidnapping more than a decade ago.

On Apirl 18, 2010, two of Adana's friends and her boyfriend at the time reportedly took part in the plot.

She is believed to have gone her female friend's house, who called Adana's mum and asked for BRL 1,000 (£371) .

Adana's boyfriend then allegedly demanded a further BRL 100,000 (£37,055) for her daughter’s release.

After receiving the worrying calls, Vanessa Dallagnol Bassani called the police.

During the negotiations, Adana's then-boyfriend told her mum to either remove the police from the case or he would kill her daughter.

As it escalated, her co-conspirators became nervous and ditched the plan.

Adana then left her friend's apartment and called her mum from a payphone, asking her to pick her up.

The former Miss Renascenca 2012 and Miss Parana Popularidade 2013 has now been arrested and charged with extorting money.

After her arrest, the influencer's social media pages were made private and her content can now only be viewed by her 100,000-plus followers.

Adana's female friend is currently serving a semi-open prison sentence for extortion.

Her male friend who also assisted the plot is currently being tracked down.

The model's ex-boyfriend has since died.

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