Powerlifter turns down £33k OnlyFans offer as it’s ‘profiting on vulnerable men’

A 25-time powerlifting world record holder has said that she won’t do Onlyfans because the platform is "profiting from vulnerable men."

Dr Stefi Cohen turned down at huge fee to post on the site, which is an exclusive media site that enables users to charge fans to see often-sexual or revealing content for a price.

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In a recent Instagram post, Dr. Cohen revealed that she’d be offered $40,000 dollars (around) £33,000, just to join the platform.

However, she decided not to take the money because she is "a woman of principles".

The offer was revealed during an Ask-me-anything session with fans on Instagram, where one fan asked: “ OnlyFans down the road?”

In response, Dr. Cohen uploaded a video explaining that she had actually been approached by OnlyFans and detailed why she didn’t think it was the right move for her.

Dr. Cohen said: “No, I’ll probably never do OnlyFans. just don’t feel comfortable doing that […].

“It doesn’t make me feel like I’m a valuable contributing member of society – to be selling my body on a page and essentially profiting from vulnerable men. I don’t feel comfortable doing that.

“Now, I don’t have anything against women who choose to do that, it’s just not what I consider making an honest living.”

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Dr. Stefi elaborated on her video in the captions explaining that doing OnlyFans would undermine her efforts to educate people in health and fitness.

“Everything I’ve ever stood for puts education, value, justice and impact at the forefront of my life.

“I couldn’t imagine violating what I stand for to make money, when I am prepared and capable to get it in a different way.”

While Dr. Stefi declined to join OnlyFans, some other sports women have signed up to the site including boxer Ebanie Bridges and MMA fighter Cris Cyborg.

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