‘Pity’ for Ukraine has stopped Putin ending war in ‘3 days’ with nukes – TV host

Vladimir Putin’s “pity” for Russian citizens supposedly held hostage in Ukraine has held him back from obliterating the neighbouring country with nuclear missiles, the head of a Russian state TV channel has claimed.

When Putin announced the invasion of Ukraine over three months ago, the leader declared that the “special military operation” intended to “protect” people who he claimed had been subject to “bullying and genocide”.

The despot offered no evidence to support these bizarre allegations, and now with the Russian advances faltering, Margarita Simonyan, the head of RT, has swooped in to Putin's aid.

The Kremlin mouthpiece doubled down on the President’s declaration, and told TV cameras that the reason Russia has failed to capture more territory is because of a need to sort those supposedly being held hostage in Ukraine.

“Why did the war not end in three days as it could have? Of course it could have… One strike of Sarmat is enough to destroy the coast,” she stressed, in a clip translated by journalist Julia Davis.

“If we wanted to, couldn’t we have dealt with Ukraine in a matter of hours, not days?

“But we’re conducting a special military operation, that’s why it’s not war. We pity all of them over there. We understand that there are many of our people who are hostages of those who aren’t ours.”

Margarita explained her theory, and shockingly suggested that Ukrainians and Russians would be identified and separated for different treatment later on.

“It’s not written on them which is which, we’ll figure that out later. We can’t separate them, some here, some there, and strike some with Sarmat. We’ll be the ones having to rebuild it,” she continued.

In fact, Margarita claimed that these processes were already taking place in some regions, noting: “Liberated territories are already de-facto ours.”

This comes amid fears raised by the UN that nearly 1000 Ukrainian troops who were captured from the Mariupol steelworks – which has fallen to the Russians – may be tortured and executed by their captors.

And, in another state TV rant, Margarita also threatened that should Putin not succeed in his objectives in Ukraine, the war “will end badly for humanity”.

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