OnlyFans model recorded ‘intimate’ sessions with clients to extort money

OnlyFans model Alexandra Bastidas has been arrested for extortion.

Alexandra Bastidas from Venezuela allegedly recorded her intimate meetings with her clients.

The 21-year-old then reportedly demanded money from the men and threatened to publish the recordings if they refused.

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The adult star was arrested in Los Hornos Palo Negro, Venezuela after one of the clients came forward and reported her to local authorities.

An investigation was carried out by the Extortion Investigation Division of the Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigations Corps (Cicpc).

In a statement, the organisation said Bastidas "offered sexual services, which she secretly recorded, to later extort money from the men with whom she had relationships. She would pay him large sums of money or she would divulge the videos.”

The authorities hope that more victims will join the complaint to prevent it from continuing to operate.

The sex worker has previously promoted her services on her social media, including to her 37,000 Instagram followers, and her 10,000 Facebook followers.

According to the publication Excelsior, the model previously captioned some of her explicate images "How many of these would not have paid?".

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