Off licence hacks minimum pricing on booze by offering tokens

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A shop in Ireland has come up with a "genius" method of working around the new mandatory pricing for alcohol in the country.

Under the Minimum Unit Pricing system brought in last week, the cost of a 24-can slab of beer virtually doubled overnight, up from €29 (£24) to €47.34 (£39) on some popular brands.

The move is part of the Public Health Alcohol Act and is just one part of a vast plan to reduce consumption among the heaviest drinkers in Ireland.

However, drinkers have reacted with dismay, saying that the move will only force people over the border into Northern Ireland to buy their booze.

One off-license and supermarket in West Cork took matters into their own hands, with canny method of making cans less expensive, Cork Beo reports.

Sam's Gala in Dunmanway are running a "promotion" where, in their words, if you "buy 24 Plastic Glasses for €30" you "receive a €47.34 credit note absolutely free. See instore for terms and conditions."

Once you have purchased your 24 plastic glasses, your credit note can be used to redeem products to the value of €47.34 – such as a handy Polish-brand mop and bucket or, say, a 24-can slab of Carlsberg or Budweiser.

Sam's are quick to point out that if you are not interested in exchanging your €47.34 credit note for a slab of beer – there are other items priced at the same point, including the stylish and practical mop and bucket with a sturdy, non-slip handle.

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"There's no need to go all the way to the North now!" one person said online, in reference to the cross-border trade that has already boomed as shoppers in the border counties take advantage of their proximity to cheaper booze prices in a different jurisdiction.

The popular store had its say on the matter the day the new price controls were brought in.

Last week, they posted: "The name “MUP” is obviously the shortened version of the name of the person who devised this plan!!"

It remains to be seen if the cheeky West Cork store has the last laugh on the matter with their new promotion.

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