Obliterated Crooked House boozer from above – aerial pic as owner bulldozes pub

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    There have been calls for Britain's Wonkiest Pub to be "rebuilt brick by brick" after it was demolished by its new owner following a devastating fire.

    The Crooked House in Himley, West Midlands, attracted visitors from across the globe due to its unique slant, with one side 4ft lower than the other.

    However, the 18th century boozer recently closed down after being flogged to a private buyer by Marston's Brewery "for alternative use".

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    On Saturday (August 5), shortly after that news was announced, the building was destroyed in a massive blaze that is being investigated by police.

    And in a move that has sparked outrage from locals and politicians what was left of the structure was demolished on Monday (August 7).

    Speaking about the shock decision, South Staffordshire Council Roger Lees told BirminghamLive: "At no point did the council agree the demolition of the whole structure nor was this deemed necessary."

    West Midlands Mayor Andy Street sent a letter to Lees, co-signed by West Midlands night-time economy adviser Alex Claridge, on Monday asking that the council ensure the building is rebuilt and not used in an "alternative" manner.

    It read in part: "We therefore ask that you consider ensuring the property is rebuilt brick by brick (using as much original material as possible) before any further discussions about the future of the site take place.

    "We are aware that the Crooked House has only very recently been sold by Marston’s to a private developer with the intention of the site being used for ‘alternative use’.

    "However, our understanding is that any alternative use would have to be approved by your council’s planning department or committee, and so we would therefore ask you to strongly consider not allowing any alternative use and instead keeping this iconic location as a pub."

    In a second letter sent to Staffordshire Police Chief Constable Chris Noble and Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Chief Fire Officer Rob Barber, Street and Claridge appeared to confirm reports that mounds of dirt were blocking roads to The Crooked House when the fire started.

    "Whilst we will avoid any speculation as to what has occurred, clearly there are major questions to be answered given how swiftly this fire happened following the sale of the pub to an unknown private developer," it read in part.

    "We are also intrigued by the fact that your officers faced blocked access when trying to get to the scene."

    Staffordshire Police said today: "A cordon was in place temporarily whilst we carried out enquiries at the scene, but, due to the unsafe structure of the building, officers were pulled back and the scene was stood down.

    "Since then, the area has been in the care of the landowners and the building has since been demolished."

    Chief Inspector Chris Cotton from Staffordshire Police said in a statement that the force "have been working hard to examine all of the evidence available" regarding the blaze.

    He added: "Speculation into the cause of the fire is not helpful at this time."

    “It’s gobsmacking,” said Andy Cashmore, from nearby Wombourne, reacting to the news of the demolition. “What a waste.”

    Staffordshire Police has urged anyone with information that may help the investigation to contact the force on 101, quoting incident number 761 of August 5. To report anonymously, call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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