Newlyweds 'ambushed' by England fans after Denmark win say 'it felt like they were bringing it home for us'

NEWLYWEDS have told how they "felt like England were bringing it home just for us" when they were mobbed in the street by fans after their wedding.

Lovebirds Rengin Dogan, 29, and Jay Wade, 30, spent their wedding night on the streets of London after England's historic 2-1 win against Denmark.

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With Covid restrictions in place, the pair from London had just 38 friends and family at their ceremony in Islington Town Hall.

But by that evening, they were showered in congratulations by hundreds of Three Lions supporters.

When they booked their wedding day – on their eight-year anniversary – they had no idea their big day would clash with England's victorious semi-final match.

Jay said: “After the ceremony, we had a restaurant booked out for all our friends and family at 6pm 

“But there was a pub across the road so we were keeping track on the match by listening to the cheers and checking our phones.”

With the win secured, the blushing bride and groom took to the streets – still in their tuxedo and stunning white gown.

Artist Rengin, who runs a small business with her new husband, said: “When we went to our hotel in Shoreditch we checked in around midnight and we dropped off our bags and decided to go straight out to outside Boxpark where there was a really nice atmosphere.

“It was really nice because obviously I was in my gown and everyone was congratulating us. 

“There were so many people and when they saw us they just ambushed us in a nice way. It really topped off our night.

“It was for sure a night to remember and it felt like England were bringing it home just for us.”

Video shows fans, who spilt out onto the street, surrounding the pair after the squad made it to the country’s first major tournament final in 55 years.

Crowds gathered around them demanding a speech, and when Jay calmed the crowd he simply let out a roar saying “It’s coming home!”

Despite the fact that the couple are no strangers to attention, as together they run a YouTube account with 80,000 subscribers, they were still shocked by the reaction from the crowd.

Rengin said: “There were obviously so many fans that were out and had been drinking and celebrating but we were not expecting that that amount of people would approach us but it was a really nice experience.”

And Jay added: “What wasn’t on video was, we went down the road and a completely different massive group started cheering for us again and they lifted me up and carried me and were throwing me up in the air.

“It was a bit insane having that many eyes on us.

"It was just an amazing feeling to have everyone smiling and congratulating us. Really positive radiating vibes.”

On Wednesday night, the nation backed the boys for two hours during the electric semi-final in packed pubs, bars, front rooms and in Wembley itself.

England fans joined the players in singing the iconic Sweet Caroline as the team celebrated their monumental win after a nail-biting finish in extra time.

After a tense 90 minutes finished 1-1, Three Lions fans were forced to endure the familiar pain of extra time in a semi-final.

In the first few minutes, England continued to drive forward – but could not find the back of the net.

But in the 12th minute, Raheem Sterling went crashing to the ground – winning England a PENALTY.

Harry Kane's shot was saved by Kasper Schmeichel – but the Spurs ace smashed the ball into the net on the rebound – putting England into the lead.

When the final whistle finally blew on a historic win – scenes of jubilation erupted across the country.

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