Mystic Veg who uses asparagus to predict future says England will win Euros

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A fortune teller who can see the future using asparagus has tipped England to win the Euros.

Jemima Packington, dubbed Mystic Veg, tosses the spears into the air and makes predictions based on the patterns.

And the psychic told us the trophy will be coming home.

Jemima carried out a reading for Daily Star Sunday and said she could see three sticks of the crunchy veg crossed over.

She said: “I did my casting and from the way they landed I could see three crossed spears at the top of the bunch.

“That indicated to me straight away that the Three Lions will be bringing it home.

“Now, they won’t have it easy, but ultimately they will be the champions of the competition.

“A certain Mr Southgate is going to be over the moon his team will be bringing it home for England.” There is also good news for Wales, who Jemima said would come top in their group.

However, from her predictions she said whilst Scotland would do well, they wouldn’t win this time.

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Hosts England kick-start their European Championships against Croatia at Wembley today.

They have never made it to the final, with their best performances being semi-final appearances in 1968 and 1996.

Jemima, from Bath, who is the UK’s only “asparamancer”, has carried out hundreds of readings.

And it’s more than just an ‘aspara-guess’ – as Jemima said she is right 75% of the time.

She accurately predicted Megxit, Brexit, Prince Philip’s death and Theresa May being ousted as PM.

Jemima has also correctly called other sports successes – including England winning the Cricket World Cup.

The seer, who inherited her gift from a great-aunt, said: “When I was a youngster I dropped some asparagus on the floor.

“I can’t remember what it was that I said but my parents said then they knew I had the gift.

“My auntie read tea leaves and I inherited the ability from her.

“I started doing it properly in my late teens. I know some people think its a bit strange, but the asparagus doesn’t lie.”

Do you think England will win the Euros? Let us know in the comments below!

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