Mysterious ‘triangle shape’ captured in Area 51 hangar by private pilot

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A mystery "triangle shape" has been spotted in a hangar at the notorious Area 51.

More than 1,000 photos were taken by a pilot of the facility in the Nevada desert during a Christmas Day flypast.

Private pilot Gabe Ziefman captured some stunning visuals of the secretive US Air Force base while flying his Cessna 150 plane over the area.

In the images you can see a triangle shape in the only hangar which appears to be open, although it is unclear what the object is.

Area 51 is the most famous of the sensitive military facilities located within the Nevada Test and Tracing Range (NTTR), a vast military training area in the state's Mojave Desert.

Mr Zeifman has flown over the area a number of times, and posts the videos of his adventures on YouTube.

Details of the activities that take place at the facility are classified as top secret and there is huge secrecy surrounding it.

Over the years there have been widespread conspiracy theories that Area 51 is the location where the US government stores captured or crashed UFOs.

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It was founded by the CIA in 1955 as a testing facility for the secretive U-2 spy plane, and ever since it has been the key testing site for highly classified and experimental aircraft.

Last year a Facebook event called "Storm Area 51: They Can't Stop Us All" went viral.

It would involve people descending on the site in Nevada determined to find evidence on extraterrestrial life in the facility.

More than two million people responded "going" on the event's Facebook page with a further 1.5 million saying they were "interested".

In the end only about 150 people were reported to have shown up at Area 51 on the day of the event, September 20.

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