Mum with son wrongly accused of shoplifting in Asda before she's even left the store 'because of her ethnicity'

A FURIOUS mum has blasted ASDA for alleged “racial discrimination” after she was wrongly accused of shoplifting before she had even left the store.

The woman was with her son in the Strelley, Notts branch of the supermarket when she clashed with staff.

She filmed the fiery encounter before sharing it online, writing that staff had accused her of “robbing chocolate”.

She adds: “When they saw my receipt they still took my shopping to rescan all of it.

“When I asked the manager what was going on he told me he was on the phone but then retracted.

“I had not stolen anything I was racially profiled and discriminated against.”


Footage of the encounter begins with the woman arguing with two men as she begins to leave the store.

Both men take her receipt and eventually her bag as she asks them repeatedly why she has been stopped.

The woman says: “I should not be reprimanded or withheld when I’ve not even left the store.

“I’m very distressed and I’ve got a child I need to take home.

You need to check all my shopping even though I’ve purchased everything – why? Is that racial discrimination or what?

“I’ve not left the store, you’ve got no reason to think I’ve taken anything. I’ve not even done anything wrong. I’ve not even left the building.

“I don’t feel comfortable to come back in this store if I’m going to be treated like this.”

When an Asda security guard starts to search through her shopping bag, she says: “You don’t have to take everything out – what are you looking for?”

She is also asked to stop filming but refuses and then accuses the men of targeting her because of her race.

She says: “You are saying that I have stolen something.

“You need to check all my shopping even though I’ve purchased everything – why?

“Is that racial discrimination or what?”


Eventually the staff and shopper walk over to a till where her items are slowly re-scanned by another ASDA shop assistant.

The woman then asks ASDA security why she was stopped and why every item of her shopping has to be rescanned – he replies it is because of the way she is “kicking off”.

The woman hits back: “Obviously I’m going to be angry – I’ve purchased all this shopping.”

Once the shopping is finished being rescanned the woman is found to have paid for all the items and she demands they are put back in her bag.

The video ends with her asking to be given back her goods so she can leave the store.

Asda has apologised for the incident and that an investigation had been launched into her complaint.

An Asda spokesperson said: “We are sorry that Ms Crawford felt our colleagues request to search her shopping bag was not handled appropriately.

On the rare occasion it is felt necessary to do this, our colleagues will always ask respectfully and politely.

"We have contacted Ms Crawford to again apologise for her experience at our Strelley store directly and are investigating her complaint with her and the store.”

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